Redesigning your kitchen can get exciting or problematic at times—maybe even both. Getting kitchen murals isn’t always going to be a sure thing, either. So whether or not you’ll get murals will be up to you once you’ve reviewed our guide.

So are you ready? Let’s start with:

Contrasting Murals With The Floor

Floral murals can only go too far without looking too tacky, especially if you’re covering entire rooms with them. A great way to make it actually work out is by having geometric designs on your flooring. The patterns on your flooring wouldn’t even matter as long as you don’t go overboard with it.

The contrast helps neutralize the walls from getting too much and balances your kitchen’s aesthetics. Just make sure to choose deep colors that look beautifully in contrast with the more vibrant colors of your murals.

Going Bold

Certainly not bald—going bold is the opposite of the previous choice. Getting big murals that make it hard to look away from can be the kitchen makeover you desperately need. Attention-grabbing murals are a wonderful way to give life to your empty and sad kitchen area.

Murals on multiple walls are an option, but the best way to achieve its effect is by putting it on 1. Having one big mural on a plain, wide wall only strengthens its attention-grabbing impact. It’s also an easy hack to remove any attention from your kitchen’s imperfections!

Murals Behind Your Shelves

Having a mural on a blank wall is quite effective, but running it through everything can be a game-changer. People don’t often have murals covering most of their walls, but they forget about the details when they do. Having your wall decor go behind even your shelves can be something to help homogenize the look you’re going for.

But if you ever do plan on doing this, you’ll need to choose a print that fits your shelves beautifully. Having smaller design patterns are great at this, and avoids putting your design out of place.

Murals Behind Everything Else

Simply put, you can use the same logic from the previous option with all your other kitchen storage utilities. Things such as wall paneling is a great example of this, especially if you’re going for the homogenization idea. It gives light to the design of your wall paneling and even helps neutralize any negative space.

For other kitchen components, you can do this with our showcase cabinets or whatever variant of it. If you can see what’s behind your cabinet doors, this might be perfect for you. And just like before, the murals can give ambiance and highlight your valuables, making them seem flashier than ever before.

Mural-Inspired Interior Design

Besides the murals themselves, you can also create an effect with everything else in your special kitchen zone. You can create a certain aesthetic for your kitchen by choosing a mural and basing everything else on that design. It can even go the other way around if you want a new mural but don’t want to swap cabinetries.

What matters the most in this scenario is that you pick vibrant, matching colors for your mural and everything else. Multicolored murals can be amazing if you want to match differently colored kitchen components. 

Just make sure that you don’t overdo it—choosing more than two color bases can be a bit too much. It can even have a negative effect and make your kitchen look mismatched and cluttered.

Hopefully, you’re able to decide now that you’ve gone through everything. There are so many different designs to go for; just make sure to choose one that’s perfect for you. You also might want to choose season-neutral designs to avoid clashing with the holiday decor!