kitchen sinks

If you’re currently not loving the way your kitchen looks, it just might be your kitchen’s fault. Reality starts to sink in, and you begin to realize that the grill and kitchen utensils aren’t just what makes the kitchen whole. When you do own a house, you know that aside from the burners, the sink is the most used thing in the entire kitchen, which is ironic. So with this in mind, how do we make the sink better?

People have been debating on what type of sink is better overall, single sink or double sink? Farmhouse sink or Stainless steel? These questions have been in the mind of most people, and we’re here to give you not only an answer but also the pros and cons.


Single Bowl Sink


The single sink is one of the most loved of a sink around. People that the single sink tends to get cramped, but this is not the case for the deeper designs. The single sink allows for more room when you wash the dishes, and it’s also a lot more flexible as you can actually use a plastic tub and put it inside, and it doubles as a second sink.

It’s also wide enough to hold more substantial and more awkward items such as large pots and cutting boards. Because this model is quite large, you can wash most things in this sink. The single sink also allows for better control of what you’re doing in the sink and will enable you to focus on doing or washing one thing at a time.

The single sink is also more ideal for smaller kitchens because it saves more space. Counter space is vital for smaller kitchens, as maximizing the space you have is essential. So if you have a smaller kitchen, don’t force the implementation of a double bowl sink as it would be a hassle.

Single-bowl sinks are also aesthetically pleasing. They look and feel a lot more streamlined in comparison to a double-bowl one. It simplifies the look of the kitchen, which is a pleasing aesthetic to have in more modern homes. The single-bowl design creates a more peaceful feeling and makes the kitchen look free of clutter.


  • Flexible
  • Holds larger and more awkward objects
  • Aesthetic
  • Clean looking
  • Saves counter space
  • Simple looking
  • Looks more serene 


  • Smaller when compared to the single bowl sink
  • Less versatile 


Double Bowl Kitchen Sinks


Double bowl kitchen sinks are more of an underdog when it comes to people’s preferences. When it comes to people, it’s either they hate it or love it, there’s rarely an in-between. The main reason why people don’t like these types of sinks is that it looks complicated and is less straightforward in comparison to a single bowl one.

Double bowl kitchen sinks provide versatility and options when it comes to using your kitchen sink. The main bowl is used for washing the dishes or for holding medium to large objects, and the one on the side is either used for the garbage disposal or to keep things such as unwashed vegetables or plates left to dry.

Multi-tasking is also the main reason why some people love this design. The potential of this design is limitless when it comes to multi-tasking. The side compartment can be used to hold vegetables, plates, or kept dry for the garbage disposal. It also allows you to separate heavier things such as pots and ceramics from more delicate items such as glassware. You can even leave plates to dry on one side and wash dishes on the other! This potential for multi-tasking is why they’re still relevant up to this day.

Space is a problem, though, as there is a permanent divider that separates the two areas, so do keep this in mind.


  • Allows for multitasking
  • Keeps the garbage disposal dry
  • Better for larger kitchens
  • Has space for a drainboard


  • Less flexible
  • Less space 
  • Large items don’t fit well