Pizza Cutter

The pizza cutter is a handy tool. Its primary purpose is to cleanly slice pizza, but you can also use it in cutting flatbread crusts or even traditional lasagna.

This kitchen utensil is usually stainless steel, but there are also some plastic ones available in the market. However, we suggest you pick one that’s stainless steel because these often last longer and are easier to keep sharp and sharpen. 

The most common forms of pizza cutters are the curved cutter. It’s a piece of sharp curved metal or plastic with a handle. A standard pizza cutter is a wheeled cutter which is a sharp wheel that’s also usually steel or plastic and is connected to a handle. All pizza cutters are designed to slice through food without ruining the toppings or top later and cutting through it cleanly but can also be used to chop and dice different things like vegetables. In this article, we list down other ways you can use the pizza cutter.


Lattice Strip Maker

The lattice, a pastry used in a criss-crossing pattern of strips to prepare different kinds of food like tarts, pies, or even turnovers, is usually cut with a knife or other types of cutlery. However, the pizza cutter works more efficiently because of how quick it can cut and slide through the pastry creating the perfect strips of flat dough.


Loaf Bread/Toast Cutter

If you’re one of those types that don’t like the crusts on bread, the pizza cutter is a quick and easy way of cutting the edges off your loaf of bread. If you’re cutting the bread into smaller pieces, the pizza cutter will also work more efficiently than a knife.


Taco Salad Cutter

A taco salad, a bunch of vegetables and a dressing topped with crispy DIY toppers, can certainly use the help of a pizza cutter. Using your pizza cutter, thin-sliced strips of uncooked flour or corn tortilla, season them lightly with salt and pepper and fry in a little oil.

After frying them to a crisp, take the bits of flavorful and seasoned tortilla and sprinkle them on your salad and you’re good to go. A healthy yet exciting meal made more conveniently with your trusty pizza cutter.


Ravioli Cutter

If you’re reading this article, chances are you don’t have fancy kitchen equipment and you also most likely won’t have ravioli cutting equipment. Well, don’t worry because a pizza cutter will be enough. Roll out your dough for the ravioli and add your favorite filling, spacing them properly through the dough and cover with another layer of pasta. Press the layers together firmly in between the stuffing and use your pizza cutter to slide through rows and columns of ravioli.


Grape Slicer

Salads are amazing, but often a hassle. You can also use a pizza cutter the next time you need to cut grapes in half to make your Whaldorf’s or Ambrosia Fruit Salad. Speed through them with your sharp pizza cutter to save time and the risks of cutting your fingers open with a knife!


Herb Chopping

If you think chopping up herbs and grinding them before adding them to your meals is easy, make your life easier by using a pizza cutter.

The pizza cutter works in all directions and cuts almost any piece of food you run through it. Take your pizza cutter and run it back and forth your herbs and you’ll find yourself chopping them up at a faster rate. Who knows, you might even enjoy it!


Dessert Cutter

Last but not least on this list is the pizza cutter doubling as a dessert cutter. Be it brownies, food for the gods, or lemon bars to speed through them you can make use of a pizza cutter.

Pop them out of the pan, place them flat on a chopping board or a flat, clean surface. Then, take a ruler to make sure you divide them up properly and start pushing your pizza cutter forward. Cutting up dessert will never be as convenient as using a pizza cutter.

Pizza Cutter

Get your premium pizza cutter with wheel slicer now, and enjoy using it to prepare different recipes.