Creating your dream home and slowly piecing everything together feels like a dream. Whether you’re renovating your kitchen or living room or doing a complete home renovation— it’s always exhilarating, and seeing the final result makes all the blood, sweat, and tears worth it.

…Until you realize you have no idea what you will do and where you will stay during the renovation period. 

Not everyone can afford to stay at another place for months on end while their home is being renovated! So, we contacted the experts and asked them for their live-in renovation survival guide!

Preparing For The Live-In Renovation

Managing your expectations is the first step of any home renovation. No matter how you picture the project is going to go, it’s likely going to take a lot longer and a lot messier than you initially thought. No matter how big or small the renovations are going to be, they’re always going to be disruptive, and not everyone has a secondary place to stay in!

The next step is to secure your furniture and any decor that you want to keep! Pro tip: If you’re going to have a major renovation, it’s best that you completely clean out the room you’re going to be working in so you don’t have to worry about any of your belongings breaking.

Managing Your Timeline

Preparing a timeline is great, but don’t expect to follow that timeline to a tee. You never really know exactly how long your renovation is going to take, and most of the time, it takes longer than anticipated. Patience will be your best friend, along with focus and commitment!

Check in once in a while with your contractors and ask for progress reports frequently. That way, you’ll know if you need to make any deviations in whatever plans you may have had previously.

Prioritizing Safety and Security

Home renovations build up a lot of dust and debris, which you can’t avoid. If any of your loved ones have allergies, you may want to look for ways to minimise your home’s dust levels before you start renovating. Get an air purifier and frequently clean the house to avoid allergens!

Another thing you have to take note of securing any exposed wires and turning off any breakers for circuits you’re currently working on. Children gravitate to unfamiliar things that look grabbable, so keep those wires capped.

Where Should You Start?

When remodelling multiple rooms in your home, it’s better if you tackle them one by one instead of having them all done simultaneously. This is especially true when you’re renovating kitchens and bathrooms!

If you’re going to be living in your house during the remodelling process, not being able to use both of these crucial rooms is going to make the live-in renovation even harder and will put your family in quite a bind when they need to get ready. Renovating one room at a time will also limit the amount of time that it takes for rooms to be out of commission.

Meal prepping is also incredibly useful, and turning one of your home’s rooms into a makeshift kitchen will make live-in renovation a lot easier.

These tips will make a living in your home a thousand times better while you’re doing renovations. Take these tips to heart, and you won’t need to spend thousands of dollars just to find a different place to stay while you build your dream house!