Those of us who cook understand the importance of having a good set of tools that can aid us in preparing meals. The tools you need vary on what kind of food you usually want to prepare. 

Nonetheless, there are basic cooking tools that you need to have in your kitchen. No need to look anywhere else because we have prepared a list.


  1. Pots and Pans

This is an absolute must-have. How can you imagine cooking without them? We bet not! Thus, every kitchen must-have pots and pans. Pots and pans can be used in many different ways – for preparing soup, steaming, frying, etc.

 It is recommended that you invest in several pots and pans because each one will have its own purpose. There are many instances when you’ll need various them when preparing a meal of your choice. Sometimes, you can even use them simultaneously to save time. Pots and pans are not that expensive. Just make sure to choose those that are of good quality.


  1. Knives

What’s a kitchen without a knife? Every kitchen must have one. If you don’t have a knife, then it will be difficult to prepare your food. Knives are multifunctional. It allows you to peel, chop, dice, and fillet – basically prepare your ingredients.

Sure, there can be other supplements for a knife, but nothing is as all-around as it is. Knives are your buddy in preparing just about every single food item.


  1. Boards

If knives are used for chopping, where will you do it? Of course, the boards. You wouldn’t want to accidentally chop a portion of your body, right? Chopping meat, vegetables, or other ingredients on your kitchen surface is not just futile, and it’s very dangerous.

Avoid scratching your kitchen surface or pay damages for it. Your investment in a chopping board will save you all the repairs you’ll have to pay for the possible damages your kitchen might incur. It also helps stop the spread of germs and bacteria. Boards are a stable surface that can help you chop your ingredients safely and steadily.


  1. Spatula

The spatula is used to turn over food while cooking. It is better to have a metal spatula than a silicone or plastic one. The heat from all the cooking might burn these materials, and it can transfer harmful chemicals to your food.


  1. Blender

 A blender might not be necessary, but it will be a good investment. They can be very useful in grinding food. Instead of the good old mortar and pestle, you can just grind the ingredients right in. Some blenders work as food processors, so it is something worthy to check out.

 Plus, blenders are great for preparing juices and healthy shakes. You can do a lot with it!


  1. Spoons

 And with spoons, we don’t mean just the ones you use for eating. Spoons can aid you a lot in your cooking as well. It helps you with measurements as well. Choose wooden and metal spoons over plastic spoons. You’ll need a variety of them because they have different uses. As for the wooden spoon, clean it thoroughly as molds can form in it.


  1. Shears

Invest in some shears too. It can make your life easier when shredding meat or preparing vegetables. One thing you should not do, though, is use these shears as your house scissors too. Shears should only be used in the kitchen to prevent cross-contamination.


  1. Cutleries

Invest in some decent cutleries as well. You use this every time you eat, and you let other people use it when they become guests in your home. So impress your guests and make them comfortable by letting them use good sets of cutleries.