minimalist kitchen

A minimalist list of kitchen accessories and tools is a great way to start tidying up your kitchen, especially if you have a small kitchen space. Moreover, this list is also a great reference if you’re just starting to build your kitchen essentials and would want to start buying what you really need.

Let’s start with the essential kitchen tools for preparing any type of meal:

Chef’s knife – if you have tons of knives on your drawer, then you might as well upgrade to one or two quality knives. A chef’s knife is great to use for any cutting needs.

Cutting board – a high-quality cutting board is also essential in your kitchen. Make sure to choose a well-designed, durable, and dishwasher safe cutting board.

Ladle and spatula – get at least 2 of each in different sizes.

Can opener – it’s a multi-tool that every kitchen should have. Use it to open caps, jar lids, unscrew tops safely and cleanly.

Measuring cups – choose a stainless steel measuring cup which can be a bit expensive but will last you for years.

Shears – aside from knives, high-quality shears will also help you cut food items such as vegetables and even help you prepare flowers.

Pot and pan – you should get at least one of each for cooking. You can get one small and a medium-sized pot and pan, especially if you’re only cooking for one to three persons.

Oven mittens – of course, always safety first. Avoid getting burnt in your kitchen!

Colander – don’t forget to buy a strainer to drain your vegetables and pasta.


For eating, you have to have the following:

kitchen storage

Dinner plates – get at least six dinner plates which you can use if you have visitors at home or if you plan to schedule washing your dishes.

Snack plates – you can also get three to five snack plates just in case you have other people coming in.

Bowls – it’s best to get at least two bowls in three different sizes.

Glasses – six glasses will do especially if you’re only living with two other people in your home.

Cutlery – make sure to get six pairs to pair with your six dinner plates.


Don’t forget your appliances. Even you have a small space or want to minimize the items in your kitchen, it’s still best to get the standard cooking appliances, and these include the following:

Toaster oven – a toaster oven is a must in your kitchen, especially if you love to bake.

Blender – get the high-quality blender that you can use to make dips, soups, smoothies and any food that you want to process.


Also, make sure that you get the following items to ensure that you can quickly prepare your meals and clean afterward:

Towels – you need kitchen towels to dry your dishes, wipe your table for spills, and even for cleaning your countertops and tables. Stock at least five in your kitchen and wash them at the end of the week.

Sponge – a good sponge is an essential part of every kitchen, even a minimalist kitchen, so, get two for yourself now!


Start your road to minimalism now with this list. However, if you get overwhelmed, try to balance and assess what you need and want in your kitchen before you start throwing everything out!