modern millenial kitchen

If you’re new to owning a house and don’t have anything in the kitchen, or maybe you need to update your pre-existing one because it’s been years since anything has changed in your kitchen, adding new things is nice.

Small space-friendly tools that will last you for years and necessary items that every kitchen needs are useful additions to all kitchens. Once you’ve added these items to your house, you won’t ever want to get rid of them – ever.

In this article, we’ll be listing out some essentials that a millennial needs in their kitchen. They can range from essentials that you’ll be replacing once every few years, and staples that will stand the test of time. The goal is to have sturdy, long-lasting products that do exactly what you need them to.


Space Saving Essentials

If you’re working in a limited space, especially if the place you live in is crowded with things, space-saving essentials like three-tier cooling racks and Tupperware keeping racks are good additions.

These things are amazing additions that really save you space, so storage won’t be a problem. Most of these essentials can easily be kept when you feel like you won’t need them yet, so it’s more convenient too.


Kitchen Tongs

One of the most important cooking essentials is a trusted kitchen tongs. Regardless if you are baking, frying, grilling, making a salad, and any kind of recipe, trust us, you’ll need heavy duty tongs!

We recommend that you choose freezer safe and heat-resistant tongs to ensure that you can use it on any occasion. Don’t be afraid to spend more because you’ll definitely be getting more if you choose the right one!


New Pots and Pans

So you like frying food, but you won’t be able to cook most of them without ruining them because you only have old pans and whatever you fry sticks on them no matter how much oil you add. Old pans don’t have non-stick properties like the new ones; you won’t cook food without ruining them.

New Pots and Pans are guaranteed to be non-stick almost all of the time, meaning you won’t be having problems cooking simple things like pancakes and eggs anymore.

Grab a pan with durable Thermalon ceramic, riveted stainless steel handles or wood handles, and Teflon coating. If you’re getting a pot, get the ones that are scratch-proof and with glass lids.


New Kitchen Appliances

You’ve always wanted to try out new things like baking, but you don’t have the oven. You’ve always wanted that fridge that has a built-in ice-maker, but you’ve never bought it. Buying new kitchen appliances for yourself after working so hard is something that you definitely deserve.

Chances are, you only have a microwave in your kitchen, and it’s probably already at least five years old. Appliances like these actually cost you more than it would if you bought newer ones.

New appliances have better energy consumption rates and are more efficient than old ones. Not only do you save on the electricity bill, but new appliances also have better and more efficient features because, over time, technology has vastly improved.

Although that old fridge you have still works, a new one will probably be more cost-efficient and reliable. They work better, and they freeze things better; they maintain temperature better. Overall, New Kitchen Appliances is a must-have.



Last but definitely not the least on this list is to get yourself new silverware. However, it isn’t exclusive to millennials, silverware like new knives, cutlery, and even new fork and spoons. You’ve been suffering long enough under the hands of the only pair of good fork and spoon you have in your house. 

Buy better knives, get yourself those fancy fork and spoon sets you can use to impress people visiting. Don’t stop there. Get one of those avocado slicers you’ve wanted to buy for the longest time too. We know you want it. 


To wrap things up, a millennial kitchen isn’t as different from others, but we do have some exclusive things to us. Remember, efficiency and practicality should always be on the top of your list.