Pizza Cutter

The LÖFFEL Premium Pizza Cutter Wheel was initially only used for—you guessed it: slicing pizza. But apparently, there are many more ways you can utilize a pizza cutter to bring out its utmost potential.


The Perfect Pizza Cutter

For the price, its performance is easily worth way more than its actual price. The budget-friendly aspect of this isn’t its only plus, though. It has its fair share of bonuses as a pizza slicer that’s contending with other similar items.


The Cutting Wheel ROTATES

Not every day, you get to see a pizza-cutting wheel that rotates in its place! You might think that the rotation could make the slicing feel awkward. However, as it happens, the wheel makes the slicing motion all the smoother.


Work It Like A Professional

Using a pizza cutter at home has never been easier and more attainable! Thanks to its razor-sharp blade, you get clean and consistent slices on whatever it is that you’re cutting into. Whether it be a thicker crust or a meaty topping, there’s nothing that could stop the rolling of the blade.


It’s Consistently Convenient

We’ve already mentioned that the roller does indeed cut through almost any pizza part, but there’s another thing to consider. Besides the consistent sharpness, it is also exceptionally convenient when it comes to cleaning it. Once you’re done slicing and dicing, you can easily remove the blade for more thorough washing.

Pro tip: You can further avoid handling the blade any more than you need. Use a dishwashing machine to clean it. In addition to it being easy to dismantle, it is also dishwasher safe. So just relax while the dishwasher is doing its job.


Designed For Your Safety

Since the wheel spins, it’s only natural that it has its own protective cover. What sets this pizza cutter apart from its competitors is the fact that it has a much better grip. When holding a sharp tool, it’s imperative that you can comfortably and securely hold onto it, no matter what.


Ergonomic and Comfortable

Something you might find interesting is that the grips on it are easy to hold thanks to its perfect shape. In addition, there’s also a well-put rubber layer on it, which only further improves your gain.


Other Uses That Might Surprise You

Single-use kitchen tools are the bane of any homeowner, and thankfully, this pizza cutter isn’t anywhere near useless. There are a lot of other applications for a pizza cutter—starting with helping as a:


Toast Trimmer – Some children want the crusts cut off of their sandwiches. I’ve never understood why, but as long as it helps the kids eat their food, then why not.

Quesadilla Slicer – From Italian to Mexican, what we’ve created here could easily be a hardcore Italian or Mexican man’s nightmare. But you can’t lie; it actually has amazing results. It slices through everything on the quesadilla very thoroughly.

Herb Slicer – Let’s finally move on to a more healthy food option—herbs! Herbs aren’t exactly known for being healthy. However, they do help A LOT when it comes to building flavor. You can easily slice through ANYTHING, whether it be a fresh and minty herb, or a strong and spicy one; it’s all yours.

Ravioli Cutter – Now that’s it shown its fair share of uses for non-Italian things, you’d have to go back to basics. Simply put, the pizza slicer can cut into your freshly made ravioli squares. And if your hands are steady enough, you can even slice your own strands of spaghetti!


How else would you use your pizza slicer? It’s a great time to get one! You’ll never know what you’ll be able to do with it until you actually get one.