Coffee is life – says many people out there whose days can’t start without a good cup of coffee!

Well, coffee is life indeed! Its aroma entices our senses to get out of bed. It activates our minds and sets our mood for the day. Our day is just not complete without coffee. And what’s the best way to prepare coffee? French press is one of them.

One of the biggest advantages of using a French press to prepare your coffee is that it allows you to make a cup of coffee according to your taste. You can vary the coffee grounds, the type, and size of the grounds, the temperature, and all the other variables you need to make that heaven in a cup.

French Press also retains the natural oils from the coffee ground, and coffee lovers would agree that these oils give coffee its most refined taste. It’s also portable and straightforward to use. All you need is hot water, your coffee grounds, and your strong press—no need for any electrical equipment.

Now you ask, what’s the best coffee press out there? And we say, the LÖFFEL French Press Stainless Steel Coffee and Tea Press Maker. And here are five reasons why:


  1. It has a superior beveled lid

The LÖFFEL French Press Stainless Steel Coffee and Tea Press Maker is specifically designed this way to give you the ultimate sensory experience. The lid is 10 mm deeper compared to the average French press. Why? So, it can lock in the rich aroma of your coffee and make the brew hotter for a longer period. With the LÖFFEL French Press, you will enjoy your coffee’s robust flavor while keeping the temperature where it is most ideal.


  1. Freebies are Included

Who doesn’t love freebies, right? LÖFFEL French Press makes sure that you get the best coffee experience, so it comes with free items perfect for a coffee aficionado. First is the multi-purpose non-slip silicone mat that will keep your coffee press, mug, and spoon in a safe place. It also comes with the multifunctional 2-in-1 coffee scoop/clip that allows you to seal off coffee bags or tea packages. And you get two extra mesh filters. How awesome is that?


  1. It has a Measure for Accuracy

We understand how important a good cup of coffee is for you, that’s why this is our recommendation. The LÖFFEL French Press is designed with an inside marker for accuracy to help you achieve that perfect brew. It also has a marker on the lid that guides the U-shape spout for a smooth pour.


  1. It is Safe and Cool to the Touch

You will feel extremely safe and comfortable when preparing your coffee because the LÖFFEL French Press has a cool-to-touch stainless steel handle and plunger. While maintaining the hotness of your coffee, it gives you peace of mind from your hand-burning fears. The LÖFFEL French Press is designed for ultimate enjoyment, not just through the brewing process but until the sipping part, too.


  1. It has a Double-Layer Construction

The LÖFFEL French Press has a double-layer construction that allows your coffee to be hot for 60 minutes longer compared to other coffee presses. The two layers of stainless steel make this French press more durable when you accidentally drop it or get bumped. And one more cool thing? It’s rust-proof, too!


This LÖFFEL French Press is really a good idea! Want your coffee to be the best-tasting coffee it can be? Well, get one of these! It comes at an affordable price given all the features mentioned above. Coffee starts your day. Make sure it will make your day start right!