konmarie method kitchen organizing

Everyone on the internet loves Japanese author and organization guru Marie Kondo and her always inviting mantra of recognizing the things that “spark joy” in your home. The KonMari method has taken the world by storm, and as a result, we see people purging closets and reorganizing cupboards, keeping only what matters the most.

In this article, we’ll be teaching you ways to have your kitchen “KonMari’d” and brand new.


Remove All Visual Clutter

Anything that’s out of sight will be out of mind. Ensuring that all snacks like cookies and chips are carefully stored in their cupboards instead of being left outside makes sure that you’ll be less likely to eat munchies at random times. Tidy living space also improves your self-esteem!


Getting Rid of What You Never Use

Cookbooks and appliances lying around in your kitchen, collecting dust and cobwebs do not deserve a place there. It’s time to get rid of that oddly shaped pizza cutter you bought on vacation and never got to use. Part ways with the useless things in your kitchen and replace them with the ones that actually “spark joy.” 


Vertical Stacking

Stacking everything vertically, even your items in the fridge align with Marie Kondo’s vertical organization preference. Anyone of her books and even her Netflix series, Tidying Up With Marie Kondo, pushes for this. She says that it allows for a quick inventory of items and that the more visible everything is, the more likely you are to consume them before they rot and are eventually wasted.


Empty Refrigerator Space

A refrigerator fully stocked with food might seem satisfying, but the reality is that most of the time, these fridges filled to the brim end up leading to excess waste and expired items. Marie Kondo recommends that you keep your refrigerator 30 percent empty, leaving extra room for leftovers.


Don’t Buy In Bulk

Another great way to avoid excess food and expired items is not to buy food and products in bulk. Kondo points out that buying food and products in bulk takes up far too much space and is at the risk of expiring and spoiling even before you get to take a second look at them. A great way of organizing spices, according to her, is to label the ones without hard expiration with dates and to throw them out after a year has passed.


Purge your Dishwares

According to studies, people eat less off smaller plates and drink more out of larger glasses. It’s time to get rid of the small annoying plates and ridiculously odd-shaped tiny glasses you have at home, keeping only the dishes you plan on using every single day and is comfortable with. 

“Make the dishes you love the ones you use everyday.” – Spark Joy, Marie Kondo.


Eliminate Paper Towels

Marie Kondo abhors paper towels, especially the accumulation of paper. Aside from paper towels, she also hates unopened bills, unnecessary receipts stuffed in random places at the house, and even the annoying notes stuck on the fridge. Instead, Marie Kondo uses the KonMari folding method, rolling dish towels, and cloth napkins neatly into drawers.


Does It Spark Joy?

Last but not least, we have to go back to the very essence of what Marie Kondo stands for: Does doing this Spark Joy? 

Do what you feel comfortable doing. Throw out all of those annoying old family utensils you don’t want to ever get a second glance at. Throw out that old musty radio set at the top of the fridge that does nothing but collect dust and clutter.