kitchen tricks for home cooks

Chefs admit to having successfully choreographed chaos in their kitchen. The pace is kept thanks to the help of the staff who are fast, quiet, and efficient in their designated areas. Now that we’re all working and cooking from home, here are some of the go-to tricks to keep the dancing in place in the kitchen.


Keep Your Knife Sharp

In any kitchen, a sharp knife is an essential tool, even at home. Remember, having a dull knife can be dangerous and makes cutting difficult. Sharpen your knives regularly. 


Keep Your Tongs at Bay

Tongs are the extensions of your hand, and that’s why you see a set of tongs in every cook’s area in a restaurant kitchen. Use it to do almost anything, from pulling a pan out to stabilizing mear while slicing it. 


Salt as You Go

Add salt as you cook, and don’t be afraid to use it. Also when cooking fresh meat, make sure that you add sale because you’re starting with meat with less sodium. 


Lose the Salt Shaker

Add pinches of salt as you go. Place it in a small bowl and just pinch, taste, and repeat. In this way, you can control the amount and even allows you to cover all the areas. 


Taste as You Go

Don’t just add all the ingredients up and then leave it to boil. As the chef of the house, you should know what the food tastes like before you serve it. Taste it and add salt or spices for the perfect taste. 


Trust Your Nose

Your taste buds aren’t the only thing you need when cooking as your olfactory senses also help in the kitchen. If you small something off or something’s burning and the timer’s still ticking, then check it immediately. Trust your nose when cooking!


1:1 with Oil and Butter

Regardless of what you’re cooking, make sure to use a 1:1 ratio with oil and butter. Butter adds a rich flavor to the dish, and oil is important to avoid the butter from burning. 


Cut Ends to Stable

That’s for your onions, tomatoes, and other ingredients. Cutting the ends helps you cut them on the cutting board because the flat surface gives you more control as you you cut or chop your ingredients. 


Hold Your Cutting Board with a Wet Paper Towel

Yes, we’ve all experienced a slippery cutting board. Some of us may have even experienced it sliding from the table! This is dangerous, especially when you are holding a knife and chopping an ingredient. Keep your cutting board still with a wet paper towel or a damp washcloth underneath it.


Sear Meat and Finish in Oven

This is another trick that chefs do that we can also easily do at home to make our meals tastier. Sear fish, poultry, or meat, then place it in the oven for moister meat or fish, and you can also continue cooking other parts of your meal as it frees your burners.


Don’t Overcrowd Your Pan

Resist the urge to roast or brown everything in one go. We know it can be tempting, especially if you want to finish cooking early or on time, but this isn’t advisable. The best way is to do it in small batches. In this way, your meat gets caramelized in the best possible way, which is also the most flavorful!


Mix All Ingredients

When you’re baking, add all the ingredients in your mixing bowl and then mix. Don’t over-mix your ingredients because this may toughen your ingredients, which could lead to developing the gluten in the flour. Bake the fluffy cupcakes you’ve been craving for by mixing until the batter’s come together. 


Are you ready to cook like a pro? Share with us your tips too!