kitchen tongs

Tongs are one of your kitchen’s staples. It is a very versatile kitchen tool that helps you in a lot of ways. It is available in different designs and sizes and handy in different kinds of situations. Tongs serve as an extension of your hand and it serves you in ways more than you can imagine. Here are some of the ways that tongs make your life so much better.


  1. Flipping food

Are you doing some deep frying? Have you ever been splattered with oil while frying? Tongs keep you from burning yourself. Use longer tongs when frying to avoid this from happening.

Do you need to flip that steak in the barbeque grill? Tongs got covered. Preparing your meal on the barbeque grill is made easy and convenient with your powerful tongs.


  1. Grabbing food

Since tongs have a good grip, it will be easier for you to move food around. Using tongs is not just a convenient way of grabbing food, it’s a sanitary way, too. Just make sure that your tongs are clean and sanitized to avoid cross-contamination of food.


  1. Straining and plating pasta

When preparing pasta, tongs are recommended to fish the noodle out of the boiling water. This will help you preserve the starchy water while holding the noodles. This will give you a better sauce experience.

If you are serving spaghetti, tongs can help you easily plate noodles. Aiming for a restaurant-worthy swirl? Your tongs can make it happen for you.


  1. Tossing big salads

Tongs are extremely heaven-sent when tossing big salads. It can make your life easier with its grip. You can combine all the elements in your salad to ensure that everything is mixed well. A well-mixed salad means getting the best out of everything. You have your tongs to thank for that!


  1. Shredding meat

How can tongs shred meat? Well, you have to use two. As mentioned earlier, tongs are the extension of your hands. You can use the tongs like bear claws in shredding the meat. It’s fast, it’s convenient, and it’s safe.


  1. Juicing lemons

Do you have an arthritic hand? Arthritic hands can be weak and might not be strong enough to squeeze every bit of juice in that lemon. Tongs are here to the rescue! You can use it to juice lemons.


  1. Serving and Plating

Imagine being in a party, buffet style. You can see tongs everywhere. The three types of serving tongs – buffet, salad, and scissor-style tongs.

Buffet tongs are the ones with the triangular or scalloped tip. This tip makes you do an efficient transfer of food like salad and mixed greens onto your plate. Scissor-style tongs are perfect for baked potatoes or corn on the cob. You can also use tongs in placing ice cubes in your drinks.


  1. Moving hot pots around in the oven

Do you think tongs are just for the kitchen? We told you tongs are versatile. It can be used in the oven as well. It can help you move around hot pots. It serves as your protection, so you won’t burn yourself from the heat.



Tongs are a versatile kitchen tool that you must have in your home. Experts say you must have at least 2 tongs in your kitchen, but some have as much as seven tongs! There are different tongs for every occasion, just make sure that you have quality ones. Choose a tong with an ergonomic nonslip grip with thumb rests, a heat resistant and freezer safe one, stainless heavy-duty, nonstick silicone head, and a ring locking mechanism.

So why do you need a kitchen tong? Well, a will never be complete without it. Order one here at LÖFFEL Amazon Store!