kitchen tongs

Let’s admit it; one of the most useful kitchen tools is the tongs, especially the light and plastic ones. A decent pair of tongs can go a long way when it comes to meal preparation and cooking. It’s a versatile tool, and you can use it in the following usual and unusual circumstances: 


  1. Cooking in an Oven

Tongs have a long handle, which makes it useful when cooking and turning dishes in the oven. You don’t have to remove the plate all the way out, which allows it to cook faster, and you won’t get your fingers burnt, too. 

If you’re cooking meat, fish, or vegetables wrapped in foil or paper parcels, then tongs are your best friend. Pull the hot foil out of the oven with tongs without burning your hands. 


  1. Preparing and Serving Salad

Tossing and serving salad can be a mess. However, with trusted tongs, you can easily toss your salad and add the dressing. And wait, don’t put it in the dish yet. Serve your salad using tongs or let your guests help themselves out. 


  1. Remove Vegetables from Boiling Water

Yes, you can use a strainer and strain the water in the sink, but it can still be messy, and there’ll be a lot of heat in the process. Therefore, the best way is to use your trusted tongs and remove the large items first from the boiling water. 


  1. Preparing Pasta

Pasta is one of the most common meals you get to prepare in your kitchen, and tongs are also handy in the process. You can use tongs to easily toss cooked pasta straight from the pan or another pot. 

Another tip, if you’re cooking for several people, you’d want to use a strainer for your pasta, right? Simply loop long tongs on the handles of your colander, strain pasta, and put it in another pot. 


  1. Citrus Reamer

If you’re still looking for the perfect hand juicer, then substitute it, for now, with tongs. First, slice the citrus in half. Extract citrus juice by holding the tongs closed, then push the end and let the citrus juice flow. Get all the juice out but using a twisting motion on the fruit. 


  1. Cooking with Tongs

And we won’t forget the usefulness of tongs when cooking barbecue. Regardless if its fish, meat, vegetables, or any kind of seafood, kitchen tongs are really handy in cooking. It’s also a great kitchen tool when steaming vegetables or frying croquettes or fish. 


Now that we’ve established that kitchen tongs are indeed a great tool when cooking let’s check out some of the unconventional uses of tongs.


  1. Fun with the Kids

Imagine this, it’s Chinese food night, and the kids want to eat using chopsticks, but they don’t have any idea what they’re doing. So, the best alternative is to give them small tongs. They won’t feel left out, and they’ll even enjoy their meal!


  1. Open Bottles

Yes, we know you have a bottle opener, but what if it’s broken or you left it at home while barbecuing at the park? If you have your tongs, then you’re good to go. Use the inside part of the tongs’ handles, place it on the sides of the bottle lid, and crack it open!


  1. Dry Gloves

It’s essential to use gloves when washing your dishes or cleaning your kitchen, or even your home. After all the hard work, don’t forget to dry your gloves, and you can also do this using your tongs. Turn the tongs upside down in your drainer or dryer and place your gloves over it and let it drip. 


  1. Reach Hard-to-Reach Areas

Use tongs as arm extensions when cleaning your kitchen. You can also use these as arm extenders to reach for the top shelf for spices or jars. 


What else do you use kitchen tongs for? Share some tips and tricks so we can add them to our list!