In the kitchen, the usual goal here is to create delicious food. However, we face the challenges of encountering some hassles and challenges on the way. Such challenges and hassles are usually things we can avoid had we prepared beforehand.

Thus, we introduce to you our top 5 kitchen tips that you should do starting this instant. Please don’t wait for tomorrow to do these corrections but do it as soon as possible! These tips will surely make your life in the kitchen easier and help you save more time.


  1. Grow your own herbs

We almost always use herbs in whatever recipe we cook in the kitchen. If we want to add a particular taste or aroma to our dish, we turn to herbs for that purpose. 

Now we raise the fact that you can grow your own instead of buying these herbs. Growing your herbs in your kitchen is going to save you much time and even save you money. It doesn’t cost so much to grow your herbs if you think long-term.

Think about it this way: You wouldn’t need to buy herbs in the market anymore. All you need is just some planters, soil, the herb itself, and you’re usually ready to go. You can plant some commonly used herbs such as basil, rosemary, chives, cilantro, oregano, and thyme. When you grow your herbs, this makes it so that you can have any herb available at any time. 


  1. Partially freeze meats before cutting

When slicing up meats before cooking them, chances are you’ve tried to slice them while they’re all soft. If you desire skinny slices, you need first partially to freeze the meat. 

The keyword here is “partially,” as we only want to freeze the meats till they’re firm. We don’t want to cut them while they’re frozen solid or too soft. Just the right amount of firmness so you can get those accurate thin cuts for whatever recipe.


  1. Keep your knives sharp

In the kitchen, we need to make sure our knives are as sharp as possible. Having sharp knives can lead to lesser incidents in the kitchen, especially if you’re familiar with handling knives.

With duller kitchen knives, you’ll need to exert much more force and pressure to slice something. If what you’re slicing has a slippery texture, your dull knife may end up slipping and chop your fingers instead. With a sharp knife, you’ll only use minimal amounts of force to cut through something.


  1. Use eggshells to scoop eggshells

We know this sounds redundant, but hear us out on this one. So you’ve cracked some eggs and managed to see some fragments of eggshells in the mix. What do you do?

If you don’t want to use your fingers, you can use your eggshells if you’ve just set them aside. The concave shapes of the eggshells act like a scoop that’ll scoop up those shell fragments easily. Next time you see eggshell fragments in your mix, scoop those up with an eggshell. Otherwise, wash your hands well and use your hands to take out the eggshell fragments.


  1. Organize your pantry

We’ll end off our list with one of the best tips we have so far, which is organizing your pantry. We’re talking about getting containers and labeling each container with what you intend to fill them with.

This may seem tedious to do, but trust us when we say that this is definitely worth your time. Organizing and labeling your ingredients will save you much more time than when you’d scramble around looking for ingredients.

Want to bake some cookies? Well, you’ve got your powders all arranged and have to pull their containers out. Want to create some curry? Well, all your herbs and spices are easily accessible, so you can see what ingredients are available.

It’s worth organizing and labeling your ingredients in your pantry because it saves time and space. Who wouldn’t want to have a kitchen where the ingredients are easily accessible and well-organized? 


We hope you have an incredible journey to making your kitchen life more manageable with all these tips. These are our top 5 choices, and we hope we helped!