kitchen storage spot

We always complain of not having enough space to store our items, especially in the kitchen. And people with small kitchen complain about storage a lot, which is understandable, but we’re pretty sure you’re missing on a lot of storage spaces in your kitchen.

But have you ever really sat down and examined your space? If you haven’t, then maybe it’s time to look at your walls. 

Yes, you read that right. Your walls can provide additional storage, especially for small kitchens. With the right materials and a little bit of creativity, you’ll definitely have a place for your small kitchen items in just a few minutes!


Sink Shelf

This is designed for small space in mind, which is inclined to clean lines and functional pieces. You can use this to add a little bit of green indoors, such as succulents or herbs, and place your soaps, hang towels, and other small kitchen items. Aside from its function, it’s also a great additional design piece in your kitchen. 


Office Organizer

The school supplies area has a lot of surprises in store for you, even for your kitchen storage needs. We all know you’ve seen the mesh basket organizer in stores or even in your home office and, if you’re not using it, then hang it in your kitchen. 

Hang the mesh organizer near your sink and store your dish soaps, sponge, and brushes for a mold-free space!


Dry Your Dishes on the Wall

Of course, you can do this by adding a dish drying rack next to the wall on your sink. We love this hack because it frees a lot of counter space, especially after washing the dishes. Catch the drips form your clean dishes by adding a rug underneath the rack. 

You can use the space to store or dry large items like pots, too, which is often the case when you invite people for dinner. 


Add an Entertaining Storage Space

By entertaining, we mean wine, and by storage, we mean wine glass. Check out the wine glass holder with cutouts that you can use to hang your wine glass upside down. 

This storage space is a great way to store extra glassware that you don’t usually use. And when it’s time to entertain and have friends over, you can get your wine glasses. 


DIY Utensil Cans

If you are feeling creative, DIY utensils can is your best option. Clean your can for storage, and then bolt it on a piece of wood or a wooden cutting board. Hang the board on the wall near your stove or sink. 

If you’re not feeling the wood frames for your tin cans, then you can hang it on your towel or any metal rod in your kitchen. 


Floating Knives

Well, not really. You can get a magnetic knife holder and mount it on your kitchen wall. It can be near the sink or your counter. Display your beautiful knives in the open without compromising the space of your kitchen counter. 


Don’t Forget Your Fridge

It’s one of the biggest items in your kitchen, so might as well make use of the storage space it provides. Get a magnetic kitchen organizer rack and mount it on either side of your fridge. We suggest that you get a rack with multiple bars where you can also hang dry towels. 


Utilize Your Door

Last but not least, make sure that you use the space at the back of your door, especially for small kitchens. Add narrow hanging racks and organizers for your spice and utensils!


Now you’re ready to add more space in your kitchen and remember, be creative and maximize every corner!