The Amazing Kitchen Lighting Ideas to Know

kitchen lighting ideas
kitchen lighting ideas

When working on your kitchen, you require good kitchen lighting ideas so that whatever fixture you install is able to produce the adequate amount of brightness necessary when cleaning surfaces and dishes, cooking meals, measuring ingredients, chopping crops and vegetables and reading recipes. With the right kitchen light idea, you will be able to carry out all these things safely and efficiently. Safety is very vital and only with a good and proper flow of brightness will one be able to prevent kitchen related accidents.

Kitchen lighting should also be when coming up with plans for your kitchen lighting, you need to give equal consideration to conservation as well as functionality.

Basically, there exist three kitchen lighting types. These are accent, task and ambient lighting. Each of these forms has a certain function to achieve. Not always do you require all of them at a go, but they should be able to operate as a group and independently when required. Let’s look at them:

1. Ambient Lighting. The role of this lighting is to brighten the whole kitchen with light. Ambient is general lighting that one might use when there is a lot taking place in the room. There are a lot of options here including pendant lighting, track lighting, ceiling lighting and others to obtain this result.

2. Task Lighting. This lighting is the one that allows you to focus on a particular task in the room. This means that the installation has to be tailored ie. lighting up the cooker and sink will assist you better see what you are doing. It is very important also for safety in food preparation areas.

The use of dimmer switches on some of all lighting or task lighting can be considered since our kitchens are nowadays utilized for other things and not just food preparation.

3. Accent Lighting. This one is a highly focused lighting which is used to illuminate architectural elements, sculptures and art pieces in a room. In terms of brightness, it is about 3 times brighter than ambient or task lighting. This kitchen lighting type is the best in giving your place a dramatic flair.

4. Cove lighting. This type is normally found in quite spacious and larger kitchens. It is recommended for big kitchens normally in restaurants and hotels.


The reality is that our kitchens are more than a room where we cook and prepare food. Quite often, it is also where family members meet for little chats and quick snacks. This explains why a good lighting is very important.