Because of the pandemic, many people have been staying at home more often than they have in the past. People have also been cooking more and using their kitchen more frequently as a result, so if you’re thinking of getting someone a gift, a cool and useful kitchen gadget might be a perfect choice.

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at five kitchen gadget gifts that are great for home chefs, enthusiasts, and even beginners.


1. Sandwich Maker 

We’ll start our list with probably one of the most under-appreciated yet convenient kitchen gadgets to have been invented. In the past, it’s originally started out as a rectangular-shaped appliance with two squares the size of sliced bread. The sandwich maker now comes in varying shapes and sizes. 

Some sandwich makers still maintain the rectangular shape with different patterns and even an extra mold for waffles. However, some sandwich makers are also round for circle-shaped sandwiches.

This type of appliance is a generally compact and space-saving appliance that can fit in small spaces in your kitchen when you don’t need them. A sandwich maker isn’t that common of an appliance at home, but it’s one of the coolest things to receive as a gift because it isn’t necessary.


2. Immersion Blender

Does your friend love cooking food with sauces or making desserts with a lot of purees? An immersion blender just might be the gift for them. An immersion blender allows you to puree, thicken, blend, and emulsify whatever it is you’re preparing even while it’s cooking. 

It’s a safe and more convenient tool to use when you’re preparing dishes like curry—especially dishes that need emulsification or when you’re making jams that need to be pureed while cooking.

An immersion blender is an affordable gift that ranges from $60 to $150, so it’s not that heavy on the pockets, but it’s still a thoughtful gift and not a cheap copout.


3. Whisk Wiper

Is your friend a baker? Or at least an aspiring one? A whisk wiper is a unique choice for a gift and a lot better than licking frosting off your whisks or struggling to clean them. Not to mention, it won’t be such a waste because you can reuse the leftover frosting or batter from your whisk. To your surprise, the amount of batter and frosting left on a whisk is actually quite a lot.

You can get yourself different-sized whisk wipers as they’re generally very cheap, and you can afford a set of three or five. Toss in a rubber scraper and a spatula, and your friend is going to truly appreciate the gift.


4. Customized Salt and Pepper Shakers

With online shopping being easily accessible nowadays, you can get your hands on countless designs for several things. One of the most easily customizable gadget gifts you can get for them is salt and pepper shakers. There are lots of designs online like the ceramic R2-D2 and R2Q5 Star Wars-themed salt and pepper shakers or even the studio ghibli-inspired Totoro salt and pepper shaker.

They’re very cute and can act as placemat weights or centerpieces for your friend’s dining table. Just make sure to think of a design they’ll love, and they’re sure to appreciate it.


5. Take Out Dice

This is probably the most unique and is expected to get the most laughs out of your friends when you give them the gift. They’ll never have to go through the trouble again of thinking and arguing what’s for dinner. They can simply just roll the dice and let fate decide for them. A take-out dice can be ordered online, and it can include six different takeout options that you can customize.



A cool kitchen gadget is a perfect gift for most occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and other events. Whatever it is you’re planning to get your friend, just make sure that it’s from the heart and they’re bound to be thankful for it.