The kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s not just the place where you cook and prepare your meals— it’s also where you can socialize or even collaborate with your guests and loved ones.

Renovating and making an active effort to make sure that it looks the way you want it to should be something that everyone strives for. However, kitchen renovations are also a huge time, money, and patience commitment. This means that if you do decide to commit and upgrade your outdated kitchen, deciding on the design features will take a ton off of your plate in the future.

You’ll thank your future self later— here are a few kitchen features that will make your kitchen look and function perfectly.

Beverage Stations

Whether you’re someone who enjoys a good cocktail or not, adding a beverage station to your kitchen creates a space for you or your guests to help themselves without interrupting anyone who’s in the kitchen cooking a meal.

Beverage stations also help make it super easy to see what you’re currently running low on, so you don’t have to do an inventory check every time you have to go to the grocery store. The things you’d need for your beverage station vary based on free space and your needs, but typically, we recommend having an ice maker, fridge drawer, wine fridge, blender, coffee machine, and some sort of storage.

Appliance Garages

This may seem weird, but the smaller your kitchen is, the better it is to have some sort of storage for your appliances. This allows you to store more necessities while also making sure that you maximize whatever space you currently have.

An appliance garage can help de-clutter your counters and provide a home for all of your niche needs. These can be tailor-made and designed for your needs, and you can even choose a lifting door, a swing door, or just a pocket door in a corner.

Touch-Activated Faucets

Your faucet can be dirtier than you think. One minute, you’re deboning your meat; the next you need to run water for something else. When your hands are full, and you care about your kitchen’s hygiene, touch-activated faucets can be a lifesaver.

Just tap with your wrist or any clean arm part and voila! Running water and a faucet that’s not contaminated by any filthy meat juices. Most smart faucets also automatically turn off after a few seconds, ensuring you avoid wasting water in the process.

Double Dishwashers or Ovens

Two heads are better than one, and this is definitely also the case for dishwashers and ovens. If you have extra space, we suggest adding more of the tools that you use the most.

If you use your oven almost every day of the week, invest in a double oven setup to save up on time and space. However, if you often have large dinners or just have tons of dishes in general, having a clean dishwasher ready is always a treat.

Warming Drawers

No, these aren’t just neat things you can show your guests every time they step in your kitchen. Warming drawers are actually plenty useful for avid bread bakers and frequent hosts! Adding a warming drawer to your kitchen can help you keep dishes warm or help your dough proof quicker when you’re in a rush.

Make your kitchen renovation a massive success and improve its efficiency with any of these additional features! Renovations can get stressful, but we hope we helped ease some of that mental load by giving you a few options to work with.