kitchen and bath trends

It’s not a secret that your kitchen and your bath are two of the most critical parts of your home, especially if you want to sell your property. So, if you want your home to be on top of the list or you just want to spice things up, here are the top nine kitchen and bath trends this year.


Tech Trends


Float Inside

Floatation is not just an outdoor thing anymore. Many homeowners are installing flotation devices in their bathroom. There has been an increase in sales of flotation tubs across the country which offers the user a weightless experience. To add more relaxation benefits, the tub also uses massaging jets. A lot of people would love to add this device to their bathroom to relax as it deprives the user of any type of sensory from the outside.

Voice Control

Voice control and activation have been in the market for years. However, it’s seen to make an impact in the bathroom and the kitchen, especially with appliances and fixtures. One of the popular trends in the tech is in mirrors. Though it can’t tell who’s the fairest, mirror technology allows you to know about the traffic and weather outside. Voice-activated appliances and fixture, such as showers, doesn’t only provide convenience but it also aids the elderly.

Smart is In

We saw an upgrade on smart toilets last year and this 2019, expect to see smart showers and automatic sinks in bathrooms. Control your bathroom at the office so when you come home, you don’t have to wait to take a hot shower.


Design Trends


Wood to Go

A lot of people want to connect with nature. People are going back to basic going as far as using raw wood materials in their interior. In order to do it in the comforts of their home, wood tops, panels, or floors are becoming a popular choice in the kitchen. It gives off a calm and welcoming environment that helps make every meal a delight.

Bring the Garden In

Houseplants and herbs are also being welcomed inside the kitchen. Regardless of your interior design, may it be modern or classic, plants and herbs will always be an excellent choice to add life to your interior. Bathrooms are also welcoming plants such as aloe vera, spider plant, and even bamboos. Give life, literally, to your space by joining the indoor garden trend now.

Gunmetal Hardware

Gunmetal is one of the long-standing trends in both kitchen and bathroom hardware. Many homeowners love using gunmetal hardware such as faucets and cabinet pull because it’s not as harsh as matte black and as shiny like gold. However, it gives depth and texture in the room especially when paired with a complimentary paint color, like gunmetal blue.

Bench Seating

Bench seating in the kitchen is another trend this year. A lot of designers and homeowners prefer built-in bench seating instead of their dining chairs. This type of seating offers a relaxed area, and you can even use the insides of the seat for storage. What’s best is that your dining area doesn’t have to be just a place for meals. You can host game nights here, too!

Fine Art

Fine art doesn’t have to be hanged on walls; it can be on your plats and even basins. This is another trend that a lot of people definitely loves. Feature a flower art or collage on your bathroom sink now!

Pendant Fixture

If you have a high ceiling and want to take advantage of it, then pendant light fixtures are the best choice. These are great in open spaces and anchors the dining area. Get some inspiration from mid-century Italian sculpture and jewellery to find the best lit fixture for your kitchen.


Get started on your bathroom and kitchen renovation now. Start your research from one or two of these inspirations and trends and get the best-designed space.