small kitchen renovation

Small kitchen design should not limit your imagination. Make your small prep space one of the best areas in your home with these awesome small kitchen designs; from storage to flooring, we’ve got you covered!


Store High


Make use of your walls by adding cabinets for more storage. Use the top of your cabinets too by adding baskets and other storage items you have. However, make sure to place lesser-used kitchen items and tools in this area to avoid reaching for items frequently.

If you can easily reach the top of your cabinet, then store some pantry supplies there. You can add wire bins on top for added storage for your pantry supplies or other kitchen tools.


Or at the Bottom and on the Sides


Use the bottom of your cabinets by adding hooks or magnetic strips. Add magnetic strips on your containers or bottom of your mugs and store it here.

Use the sides of your cabinets. Maximize this area by adding hooks to store your pots and kitchen utensils.

You can also use the sides of your cabinet as a towel rack. If you’re feeling more creative, you can add a wine holder on the sides because who doesn’t love wine, right?


Downsize Furniture, Use Foldables


A small kitchen often hinders us from having the furniture we want, however, we can still get the furniture that we need. Check your current kitchen furniture; can you find similar smaller items?

If the answer is yes, then downsize now. For example, instead of using a round kitchen table, replace it with a half-moon. Choose smaller but functional pieces to avoid making your kitchen floor plan look smaller.

Also, take a look at some pull-up chair designs to pair with your breakfast nook. You can purchase a small breakfast table with wood or aluminum foldable chairs kitchen. Design and storage-wise, it’s a great choice than adding more seating areas.


Let the Light In


If you have a small kitchen floor plan, then make sure to add more light inside. If you have large windows, open it up by using window shades that do not block natural light. It’s best to choose either white or cream shades to make sure that the light gets any time of the day.

However, if you have small kitchen windows, you can add a lighting piece to make your space look bigger. Add light on top of your kitchen island to help you prep night meals. You can also give your interior a little texture and vintage look by adding Edison lights or light bulbs with exposed wires.


Free Standing Shelf


Enhance your small and simple kitchen design by adding free-standing shelves in small spaces or corners. You can work with free-standing metal shelves with wheels to quickly move it around when renovating. These shelves are great to store pans and pots, and you can even hang some kitchen tools on the side.

If you’re struggling with your floor space, add more space with freestanding countertop storage. Use these areas to keep condiments and small kitchen tools.


Paint the Town White


We all know that white means brighter. If you want to make your space look bigger, paint your walls white or off-white. Having white walls also mean that you now have a big canvas in your kitchen so decorate to your imagination.

White walls go with any interior design. You can use pastel colors to let your kitchenware pop or go for clean black and white for a sophisticated look.

If you’re up for it, get the gunmetal interior inspiration by using gold accents on your cabinet and door knobs. Add bronze on your faucet or other kitchen utensils to give it a more brass finish.


Are you ready to renovate your small kitchen to have more spaces? If yes, then share your ideas with us now or let us know if you’ve used one that we’ve mentioned. Happy renovating!