kitchen storage

Finding the perfect place to store your cooking utensils can be challenging. You have to find the right balance between accessibility and location. You also have to consider the size, shape, and even frequency of use when storing your tools. And that’s why we all need help when it comes to storage spaces, even in other parts of our home.

We’ve gathered some of the best kitchen storage tips just for you. Some of these solutions can even help give your kitchen a fresh look!

Specialized Shelving

Nothing like a display of pots and pans that are perfectly placed on a custom shelving unit. It can serve as the accent you need for the overall style while still being functional at the same time.

Utilize Your Over the Sink Space

Storage doesn’t always have to be under or inside; sometimes, it can be an open space just like the space above your sink. You can use S-hooks to hang the utensils, or you can also purchase a rail system. This is also efficient to store condiments, scissors, small knives, and other smaller tools.

Wall Art of Your Tools

As mentioned, you can use blank wall spaces as a storage area, too. Attach hooks and rails to hang your pots, spatula, pans, and other tools. You can even hang your herbs and spices to add colour and life to your wall art.

Above Your Window

No matter how small or big your kitchen is, every inch really matters. And with this, adding a shelf on top of your window helps add storage space in your kitchen. Place plats, bows, or cookware on this shelf as part of your kitchen decor, too!

Hang Your Plate Rack

Do you want to use your drawers and cabinets to store the less pleasing kitchen tools? If yes, then a hanging plate rack should do the trick. Display your plats, pots, and bowls and keep the other tools inside your cabinets and drawers. A hanging plate rack is also more accessible compared to cabinets!

The Side of Your Cabinets

If you’re looking for a space to hang your kitchen utensils, then the sides of your cabinets fit perfectly. Compared to drawers, hanging your utensils also helps you declutter your drawers. Attach hooks on the sides of your cabinets, and there you have it; you now have a sleek way to display your utensils.

Or Inside the Cabinet Doors

If you want to hide your utensils, then your cabinet doors will do the trick. Utilize your cabinet doors, too, especially if you have large kitchen cabinets. Add hooks to store or hang your kitchen utensils or even small pans and pots.

Or on the Sides of Your Fridge

And yes, what are we going to do with all the (side) spaces on the magnetic fridge? Well, we use it for storage. You can attach hooks and racks for your foils, papers, towels, pot holders, and other lightweight kitchen tools. This space will definitely help you declutter your countertops.

A Basket Full of Boards

Use a basket or a rack instead of storing your cutting boards inside your drawers. Choose a wooden rack or a wicker basket as storage to add a natural tone inside your kitchen.

Pull-Out Cutting Board

If you’re looking to save even more space, a pull-out cutting board will do the trick. You can make it with some wood scrap or use your old cutting board, attach it one of your drawers that directly sits on top of your trash bit.

Swing Stools

A kitchen wouldn’t be complete without the stools. To save space, install swing stools in your kitchen. These are practical and can easily appear and disappear when you’re done using it.

Finding the right balance in the kitchen is essential. From containers, kitchen tools, down to plates, storage is key to ensure that you maximize the space of your kitchen, regardless of how big or small it is. Therefore, it’s essential to find the right kitchen tools and those who are multipurpose to save even more space. Start decluttering your kitchen and look into the spaces you can use for added storage.