homemade pizza

You can definitely make pizza at home. Serve pizza to friends when hosting on a Friday night or you can make pizza at home to welcome the work week. Regardless of your reasons, make sure to get these kitchen tools for a more effortless pizza cooking experience.


  1. Mixer – Dough Hook Attachment

You can choose to mix your dough by hand, that is if you’re only making pizza for one or two people. However, if you’re mixing a lot, then a mixer will be a great help. Make sure to use the dough hook attachment of the mixer.

The mixer is a great kitchen tool to get a consistent dough for your homemade pizza. After mixing, you can then adjust it and stretch it to your desired size.


  1. Pizza Peels

Pizza peels are shovel-like kitchen tool that you use to slide in and out your pizza in your oven. Remember, you need to turn the pizza while it’s cooking to make sure all sides are baked.

To avoid burning your hands, pizza peels are here to help. Once you’re done the cooking, you can also use your pizza peel to serve them to your guests, add a little creativity and imagination on your presentation.


  1. Pizza Pans

The search for the perfect pizza pan can be difficult because there are a lot of choices out there. However, to narrow down your search, you can start by looking at the following:

  • Cast Iron Pans – these are versatile pans which you can also use on your grill or oven. Choose a pan that has raised edges to give your pizza dough structure.
  • Regular Pan – this is the most common pan you can see everywhere. It’s made of aluminum or hard coat anodized. You can serve the pizza on this pan, and it’s easy to clean, too.
  • Pizza Stones – this is an excellent option for pizza stone lovers. It’s an affordable alternative to the ceramic pizza stone.


  1. Pizza Cutter

A pizza cutter is also an excellent tool that comes in very handy when cooking pizza or, specifically, after baking your pizza. There are a lot of options for a cutter, but our favorite is the wheel slicer.

A wheel slicer made from premium materials is an excellent choice because the blade doesn’t stick on the pan or the pizza. It’s also easy to clean as the majority of these slicers are dishwasher-safe.


  1. Red Sauce

Aside from the tools, we also need supplies to make sure that your homemade pizza tastes great. Make your sauce by opening two cans of tomato paste. The paste is the preferred choice because it’s thicker.

Remember, pizza sauce is thicker compared to the watery spaghetti sauce. It’s also more flavorful as you can add any spices you want for flavor.

Tip: When you’re mixing, make sure to use a red spatula to avoid turning your white ones into orange.


  1. Dough

Aside from the sauce, your pizza dough is literally and figuratively the foundation of your pizza. Now that you have the mixer, here are the ingredients you need:

  • Yeast – this is a vital ingredient to make sure that the dough rises. You can use one packet or 2 and ¼ teaspoons.
  • Water – add 1 and ⅓ cups of water, which is considered as just the right amount of water to let the dough rise.
  • Flour – use all-purpose flour and make sure not to bleach it.
  • Oil – a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil is just enough to add flavor to the dough.
  • Salt and Sugar – these are necessary for flavor and to ensure that your dough is tender.


Now that you have the tools and supplies, what would you like as pizza toppings? Share your recipe and let us know if we missed any tool that you have in your kitchen for homemade pizza!