kitchen cleaning tools

A house is never complete without cleaning equipment to deal with the mess that we make daily. However, owning a multitude of cleaning equipment can be a hassle for people who have small living spaces like an apartment or a dorm room. During situations like this, having the right tools for the job can seem like a dream.

If you don’t have much space in your house or apartment, don’t worry, we’re here to help by giving you simple cleaning tools for your kitchen and small spaces.


Keeping the Floor Squeaky Clean

Having a clean floor is always a good thing. This makes you avoid the risk of getting your feet hurt by some foreign object or keeps nuisance dust and animal hair out.


Rubber Broom

“Why a rubber broom?” is probably the question on your mind right now. Well, let me tell you. A good rubber broom that can be used on any surface is extremely efficient. Regular brooms tend to have bristles that collect gunk, hair, and even bend over time, which prompts you to buy another one.

Rubber brooms, on the other hand, have flexible bristles that drag pretty much everything on the floor. It can even clean up animal hair on your rugs!


Flat Head Mops

If you want something that can be used as a double-duty tool, flathead mops are the tool that you need. In small spaces and kitchens, you don’t have much space, by having flat head mops that can clean the corners of your room and can be used wet or dry, your daily cleaning activities suddenly become a lot easier!

Mops and brooms usually have clip grips and command hooks, making them easy to hang and store.


Cleaning Tools

These inexpensive and easily replaceable toons are essential if you want to maintain the cleanliness of your simple living space and kitchen.


1. Scrub Brush

This is a reasonably small tool that you can store in drawers or cabinets. Scrub brushes are handy for heavy work. Work such as scrubbing grime off of tiles and scrubbing your dish and sink are just some uses of your scrub brush.


2. Sponges

This is an absolute necessity to have in your house. Having two sponges is a must, one for the bathroom and one for your kitchen. Getting the ones with a soft and abrasive side can be useful for washing dishes and scraping off food.


3. Cleaning Toothbrush

Yep, that’s right, and cleaning toothbrushes are extremely useful. You can buy toothbrushes by bulk as well or at your local dentist. Cleaning toothbrushes help with work that needs precision and has detailed. Similar to the sponge, try to have two toothbrushes.


Storage Tips

It can be tough living in a place where storage is limited. Finding places to store tools and other essentials become a matter of which is more important. However, here are some tips and suggestions that may help optimize your space!


  • Keep a small basket or bucket where you can put your cleaning supply and put it either under your sink or of your washing machine.
  • Small buckets or baskets can be used to store dirty cloth that you use for cleaning. Putting them beside your washing machine is also useful if there’s space.
  • Put a small container on the bathroom cupboard and put in items that you’d ONLY use in the bathroom. This makes cross-contamination less likely to happen
  • Using the area under your sink for dry cleaning products, brushes, and even brooms if they fit can save you a lot of space.


By being smart about where you put your items, having a small space isn’t that bad. Being minimalist with your cleaning products can make sure that you live in a sanitary environment and don’t hog up too much space!