The kitchen is one of the most contaminated parts in your house besides the bathroom. That’s because you’re introducing all sorts of potentially biodegradable products, including forgotten food particles. Whether it be scraps and wastes from meat and veggies, you’re bound to have some odor problems.

Here are the top 10 tips for quickly getting rid of awful smells in the kitchen:


Settling In With A Bowl Of Potpourri

Potpourri is considered to be a holiday season type of thing. But considering how well it makes your house smell good, why not put a bowl of it in your kitchen? All you need are a bunch of dried flowers, herbs, spices, and, even better, essential oils.


Making Use of Chef’s Candles

Neutralizing odors is the way to go when dealing with strong odors. With scents, you can only go as far as masking bad smells. You will need chef’s candles if your kitchen stinks more than usual. These candles are known to be exceptionally effective when it comes to neutralizing odors. 


Grow Herbs Indoors

Just like with the potpourri but with a fresh twist, indoor garden herbs can be incredibly efficient. It ticks two check marks when it comes to kitchen use; 1: It gives your kitchen a fresh aroma that prevails over the bad odors, and 2: You can use herbs to give your food more flavor!


Cleansing With Vinegar

Considering how vinegar smells, it might seem counterproductive at first, but it’s quite the opposite. With a harsh chemical “abrasive” like vinegar, you get to wash off any unwanted particulates. You’ll need to wash over the vinegar with soapy water once the job’s done, then you’re good to go.


Clean Your Rags

Having rags in the kitchen is a necessity if you’re trying to keep things as neat as possible. But what people don’t realize is that bacteria thrive in rags that have been neglected. So the next time you finish using the rags in the kitchen, make sure you clean and dry them properly.


Maintain Cleanliness Around Trash Cans

You will have to clean the surrounding area of your trash can and the inside. If your trash can’s insides are neglected, they’ll accumulate nasty odors over time. The best way to avoid this is by frequently and thoroughly cleaning out your trash can.


Maintaining Your Garbage Disposal

The garbage disposal is your best friend for getting rid of food waste. But if you neglect its maintenance, you’re up for a bad surprise. Not only will it give off a bad odor, but it will also increase the likelihood of black mold growth.


Managing The Humidity In Your Kitchen

Just like with the garbage disposal—if food particulates and moisture are kept stagnant in your kitchen, problems could arise. Preventing too much moisture in the kitchen will significantly help prevent mold and other fungi growth.


Ventilating Your Kitchen Space

Properly ventilating your kitchen, especially after a long period of cooking, will significantly improve the smell. While you’re cooking, steam and smoke aren’t a surprise. If you leave these long enough in the air, it’s bound to smell foul shortly.


Immediately Cleaning After Use

Once you’re done with all the cooking, you should immediately start cleaning. Cleaning as soon as you finish making the mess will significantly prevent the growth of any bacteria. And if there are no bacteria, then it also means that you’ll lower the odds of foul odors.


So have you tried any of these tips? Taking care of your kitchen can be a hassle. But remember: a clean kitchen is a healthy kitchen.