Choosing the design for remodeling your kitchen is no joke, especially if you aren’t well-versed in the varying styles. Need some help with that? Well, here are some of the best kitchen designs that you will ever need to consider.


Historical Colors

Besides the actual pieces and parts that you’re getting, your color choice is going to be a huge factor. Making use of historical colors that are reminiscent of the 1800s San Francisco rowhouse gives your kitchen nice and homey vibes. But go for a more Victorian-era look to give your kitchen a classy yet spicy feel to it.

And if you’re going for a tinge of Scandinavian style, then there’s no better way than by implementing blue cabinets. Just make sure that you don’t overdo it and end up with a completely blue kitchen.


Glass Cabinets

If you’re not too worried about much else besides showing off your valuables, then glass–front cabinet doors are perfect. Even with a traditional setup, adding new glass-front cabinets itself is a huge upgrade. 

You can put all sorts of trinkets and heirlooms in there. Put on display your favorite dishes for family and friends to see. You can even put up your trophies, figurines, and other collectibles!

Bonus tip: 

Matching the contents of your cabinets can be a huge plus to the overall aesthetic that you’re going for. With that in mind, you can customize your kitchen however way you want! Plus you can always swap out the contents whenever you’d like.


Traditional Black and White

Going for a classic black-and-white colorway for your kitchen never goes wrong. Especially if you get just the right balance between the two. Whether you’re going strictly vintage or simply traditional, black-and-white color combinations can make any kitchen feel classy.

You can have white-painted walls with black marble countertops. You could even have black vintage-style cabinets and cupboards to contrast with the all-white walls. What makes this style even better is that it’s always gonna look good even after many, many years to come.


Spanish and Comfy

If you’ve ever been to Spain, then you’re sure to know what is to come. And if you haven’t, then this might be a nice spin if you’re looking for something unique.

When it comes to Spanish designs, traditional would be the best way to describe it. You get all sorts of factors to consider— from hand-painted tiles to textured wall and ceiling paint. You can even have turquoise as the main color of your paint to capture the Spanish atmosphere you’re looking for.


Naturally Green

There are many different iterations when it comes to nature-inspired aesthetics. But the easiest way to capture it is by having earth tones as the color of your painted walls. And if you have a garden or even just a plain grass backyard, then you’re in for a treat.

You get to match your outdoors and you’re indoors just by putting up a large window. Not only will this homogenize the view, but it’d also bring in a lot of natural light into the kitchen. Now all you need to worry about are the rustic stone and wood fixtures.

A beautiful plain dark wood or graphite countertop would also be a nice addition as it contrasts with the paint.

Bonus tip:

You can further improve the nature aesthetic by including wooden furniture. The type of wood is completely up to you, but darker shades would complement your outdoor view.