Remodeling your kitchen is a process that includes a lot of tough decisions and concessions that you have to make to balance style, function, and budget. However, all that planning will be for naught if the appliances you need don’t get delivered as quickly as you expected.

Backorders, shipping delays, and the generally low supply for large appliances such as refrigerators and ranges make it difficult for consumers to build their dream kitchen in time. A lot of the delays are due to the current pandemic, which made a lot of manufacturers cut back on production. Still, ironically, more homeowners are planning on updating their kitchen amidst the pandemic after more than a year of cooking at home.

If you’re being affected by the dreadful delay of pre-ordered appliances, here are some ways you can work around the delays.


Order Appliances You Need Early

This one is a no-brainer—when you’re planning on getting your kitchen remodeled, it’s better to prioritize ordering appliances in advance to have leeway while waiting for the equipment to arrive. Your kitchen remodeling plan should consider the delays that come with ordering large appliances. Work closely with the place you’re buying the appliances from to have a rough estimate on when the equipment will arrive.

You don’t want the arrival of your new refrigerator or stovetop to be a guessing game. Delaying the remodeling for your kitchen for months on end is not recommended since that involves having to dine out while your cooking area is out of commission.


Don’t Zero In On a Specific Style or Brand

Being dead set on a specific appliance regardless of its availability is a recipe for disaster. Insisting that you will only be buying a specific model can lead to long delays, especially if the product is out of stock. Flexibility is the only way that you can complete your kitchen remodeling on time.

Consider whether you must have an electric stove or if a gas range can suffice as an alternative if the former is unavailable. Even swapping in for a similar model from a different brand, choosing a smaller sized appliance, or not being picky about the material or color of the appliances can save you loads of time.

Reaching a concession and settling with a different product might be the only way that you can cook in your new kitchen sooner.


Prepare an Alternative Kitchen While Waiting

If you’re insistent on waiting for a back-ordered appliance, consider preparing a temporary kitchen while you wait, this is especially useful if you’re waiting for your stovetop to arrive. Look for a place with good ventilation and manageable space that can fit a portable grill or a butane stove and a refrigerator while your kitchen is being remodeled.

Some appliance vendors are even willing to provide a temporary substitute for you while waiting for the new range or refrigerator to arrive. Having an alternative kitchen and cooking there can save you a lot more money than just eating out for an entire month while waiting for the kitchen to be finished remodeling.


Postpone Your Remodeling Plans

If there are product shortages and stocks are unavailable for the appliances that you want, it’s best to postpone your plans on remodeling while waiting for them to be in stock again. Continuing with the plan when your appliances haven’t been purchased yet will leave you with less wiggle room and flexibility.

Waiting out the problem with the supply will help make your kitchen remodeling project run a lot smoother.

Committing to remodeling your kitchen is no easy task, especially amidst a pandemic. However, when things don’t go exactly to plan, remain patient and know that everyone is doing their best to fulfill their parts.


Delays are normal, just don’t stress about them too much, and your kitchen remodeling will go great.