christmas decor ideas kitchen

Whether you’re a design enthusiast or want to make things more exciting, finding the right Christmas decorations and ideas that fit your needs is essential. A kitchen is an essential place in the household. It’s where you prepare every meal that makes the holidays much better, and it’s a place you shouldn’t overlook when decorating for the holidays. 

Christmas Season is already at your doorstep, and you’ve probably already decorated the rest of the house, but it’s not too late yet to start designing your kitchen to immerse yourselves an extra step in the holidays while preparing food. In this article, we’ll be exploring various decor ideas for your kitchen.

The Silverware

This list is an important yet quite underrated and often overlooked variable in immersing in the holiday feels. A change in silverware is a minor yet very noticeable move. You can start a family tradition where you use a specific set of silverware that is only meant to be used on special occasions every year during the holidays. Mentally this leaves an impact on everyone in the household that it is the holidays.


Potholders and Towels

The next change that can signal that it’s the Christmas season is a change in the potholders and towels you use. Potholders and towels are essentials to a kitchen because obviously pots get hot and things sometimes splash and spill. Most households display their potholders and towels right above their stoves, and what easier way is there to decorate your stove than to hang Christmas themed potholders and towels.


The Windows

Nothing is better than looking out a window while washing the dishes. Glancing outside has this fresh feeling to it, so make things fresher by immersing deeper in the holiday feels. How to do it? You can design your windows too. Simple hanging decorations like small ornaments and ribbons will do perfectly fine. Christmas lights can also be a great option if you’re willing to go that route.


The Chairs

Although not all kitchens are adjacent to the dinner table, most households are bound to have chairs. A great way to spice things up while making sure it isn’t too tacky is to decorate your chairs. 

Several options might be to wrap your chairs in red and green ribbons, add a few decorative twigs, or you can even paint your chairs if you’re that dedicated!


Christmas Candles

Sometimes the exhaust fan and vent won’t be enough if you’re cooking food with a powerful odor. Scented candles have long been a staple in households in eliminating or covering up the strong scents that come with cooking. Stock up on scented candles with Christmas themes like red or green with stripes and polka dots. Please place them in your kitchen table, dinner table, or even by the window of your kitchen. Smell better and feel better.


Hanging Decorations

If you don’t like cleaning a lot and if you want to avoid adding more clutter to your house that might collect dust, exploring hanging decorations is an option. Aside from the initial hanging and tacking process, it’s essentially less of a hassle than having many ornaments to clean and tidy up.

Festive Plants, Garlands, Wreaths, and hanging ornaments are options you can explore for hanging decorations. Choose warm and vibrant colors that are pleasing to look at and make sure that they’re secured tightly and properly, so no one gets a bump in the head because of a falling wreath.

Decorative Sweets

Last but not least, on this list are decorative sweets. Candies, cakes, and even gingerbread houses that scream “Christmas” are things you should explore. Adding a couple of jars of striped candy canes and even the coveted gingerbread house is a great way to top things off in your kitchen. Watch out for ants that might be interested in your sweets, though!