The rustic look and feel of a farmhouse kitchen is something that a lot of people seek to achieve when remodeling their kitchen. You don’t have to live in the countryside to replicate this look.

Adopt this warm, cozy, and relaxed kitchen design by following these key elements that make up the essence of a farmhouse kitchen.


How Do I Get That Farmhouse Look?

Not everyone wants the sleek minimalist kitchen, nor do they want the plain white kitchen that every home in the US has. However, if you think this is just about getting that look, you must remember that it’s more than just that. To make your kitchen look like a farmhouse, you must incorporate warmth and mood into your lifestyle as well!


Start Small—Decorating Your Sink

You don’t have to make huge changes first. Nothing beats a vintage apron-front porcelain sink if you want to truly get that farmhouse look. There’s quite a variety too, in terms of what type of sink you need for your home. Not only are apron-front porcelain sinks an amazing addition to your home aesthetically, but porcelain is also incredibly durable and easy to maintain.

You might need to alter your current kitchen cabinetry, but if you’re planning on making smaller changes first, this is way cheaper than a full kitchen remodel.


Mixing Up Rustic Materials

Don’t zero in on wooden panels. A lot of people fall into the trap of thinking that using as much wood as possible is how they can get the farmhouse kitchen look. Make the most out of rustic materials like soft tones and more textural natural materials.

This means that you’re going to want a combination of warm woods, vintage tiles, open shelving, and maybe even a few brass fixtures here and there.


Centralize Your Layout With An Island

Farmhouse kitchens are often the heart of the home, this means that it’s more of a social hub than just a place where you cook food. Having a central kitchen island or even a table can allow you to gather with your friends and family to eat or just generally spend time together. If you have enough space, this can also be a place where you can entertain guests while you cook them a meal or two.

Farmhouse islands often have a more informal look, most of them being made out of wood rather than the usual marble.


Make Use Of The Walls

Maximize your entire kitchen. Don’t forget to use the walls as a part of the overall design and functionality of the kitchen. While cabinets are still your main mode of storage, you should still have plenty of wall space that you can utilize. 

Incorporate shiplap or open shelves to store small pots, and appliances, or even use the space as a spice rack.


Using The Country Palette

There’s a difference between country kitchens and farmhouse kitchens. Country colors are often draped with a lot more bright colors while pared-back tones suit farmhouse kitchens a lot better. Use a lot of cool neutrals like white, beige, cream, and gray, and use warmer tones for accent pieces and textures.

If you want to re-paint your entire kitchen, focus on repainting your old cabinets white, cream, or beige to make your kitchen feel brighter.


Your kitchen is a central part of your home—don’t leave it as a boring plain white space that’s devoid of any personality of warmth. Make your kitchen feel warmer one change at a time with these tips!