You are drowsy and drop your soul dreaming on the bed. You look for your will, the motivation to start. You think, but can’t. Thanks to the people of the Old World though, we have today’s magical and precious liquid gold.

Alas—this means you get up and actually make that cup or cups of coffee! Unless you have a robot assistant named Irona like Richie’s (go figure), you go zombie-like to the kitchen and do it yourself like how the rest of the population do. You finally have the alacrity to tinker in the warmest part of the house. An alarming sense of urgency looms, do you actually have the spare time to be Zen with your morning coffee rituals?

Ah, French-pressed coffee – every coffee newbie’s go-to to the best drink in the world (fight me!). Ten grams of the ground beans on the carafe, pour hot water, give it five minutes and you get bliss and the universe. One rich, full-bodied cup and you can conquer anything! There is a minor setback due to the finger burn you got touching the press on the wrong side, but it’s a good day!

You are no longer drowsy. In other words, you are ready to face the world. You yipeed your way out to the door and—hit your glass french press along with the wet coffee sludge to the floor crashing. And the sad part of it, it was your cat that did it.


Now What?

french press

Of course, you would have to use your old coffee pot for now. But you liked French press! You love how versatile and convenient it was. You slurp everything from the liquid coffee and the coffee oils down to the sludges. So you learned a stack full of information from the french press accident. You found the inexpensive and safest-to-touch french press. Yes, we meant LÖFFEL French Press Stainless Steel Coffee and Tea Press Maker.

It is a French press stainless steel coffee and tea press maker that comes with a non-slip silicone mat your cat can no longer push. Burnt finger you say? Brew coffee safely and comfortably with a cool-to-touch stainless steel handle and plunger.

This French press also has solid construction all throughout. It is double-layered so that only means one thing: you can Zen all the way ‘till 11 am on a Sunday! If you drop this, it won’t dent but you may have to check your floor. You will also like that it comes with a 2-in-1 coffee scoop to seal off coffee bags or loose tea packages. Plus, it features an inside marker for the accuracy of your brew.

There is no need for you to worry about glass breaking and sludges staining your kitchen floor. Please do your part and get brewing again. Wink! We recommend you get this state-of-the-art french press, brew your locally, and/or sustainably bought ground coffee beans as many times in a day as you want. I know I do. Happy coffee brewing!