tiny kitchen organization

Having a tidy workspace is a great thing for everyone. It makes everything look and feel better than it would otherwise. This is especially true in your kitchen! A clean, tidy, and organized kitchen will lead to better meals and easier actions whenever you’re cooking.

Every home chef or casual kitchen dreams of having a luxurious kitchen that has everything — something grand and spacious to hold dozens of equipment and your imaginary pantry. Everybody wants a kitchen that’s similar to the things they have on shows such as master chef.

But for a college student just trying to get by in his dorm, a young adult trying to make a name for himself, or newlyweds starting in a small house they have to make do with what they have. This is where we come along to bring you this guide! We’ll make sure that a tiny kitchen doesn’t mean a hectic and tight kitchen. Organization and space management is still a problem, and it’s through the tips down below!


Tiny Kitchens And How To Organize Them

The chef makes the kitchen, not the other way around. But sometimes managing the space for a small kitchen at home can get a bit jarring. Fear not, these tips will surely help you make your kitchen organized and manageable regardless of its size!


Kitchen Utensil Corner

Having an area for your kitchen utensils can save a lot of shelf space. Having your utensils or generally most of your kitchen stuff on one side of the room instead of scattered out and about makes everything more accessible. 

Getting a tabletop for your appliances such as your blenders or mixers makes it so that the heavier, more fragile items are secured. Installing a shelf above the tabletop is also useful if you want to put your spoons and forks there instead of consuming an entire shelf or two.

Condiments such as salt and pepper shakers can also be placed on the shelf to maximize efficiency. Lastly, adding a rack at the very top above the cupboard can also be useful if you want to hang your pans, skillets, and even your spatulas!


DIY it up!

Who said that to be organized and to spice up your kitchen, you need expensive kitchen containers? You can achieve the same effect by using DIY and being creative! Recycling some of your old or unused items as containers or utensil holders don’t have to be boring.

An example of this is to use old food cans and turn them into utensil holders! You can smooth out the sharp bits of the can and paint it to your liking. Creating a color-coding system (e.g. green for spoons, red for forks, and blue for knives) would also be helpful.

There are other ways to go about this, but we encourage you to go ahead and let your creativity run wild!


All-in-One Prep Table

That’s right; a stainless steel prep table is your best friend if you have a relatively small kitchen. Not only are these things compact, but they are also very good at holding multiple items at once. 

The bottom half of the prep table can be used to hold your bowls, plates, chopping boards, and all sorts of dinnerware. Arranging them by color and size can also help you look for the right one during crunch hours when you have no time to waste.

The top half can then be used as a regular prep table to put your ingredients and chop up ingredients for preparation. It can also be used as a beautiful spot to make your kitchen look cozy. You can place tiny plants in books, journals, ceramics, decorative pieces, and even framed prints!

Purchasing a prep table will be something you will never regret. It’s convenient, flexible, and saves you a lot of space.


Your kitchen should be a place of comfort and relaxation. Don’t let the chaos of cramped shelves trap you in a maze of anxiety. Through this guide, being organized is a simple task.