kitchen drawers

Let’s face it, when it comes to kitchen storage having more racks, hooks, and having objects scattered all over your counter looks atrocious! The functionality and the overall accessibility of getting utensils, the right spices, and the correct type of pans become a hassle. Fear not though, as I’m here today to show you some smart ways of utilizing the space inside your kitchen drawers. 

Maximizing space to make your kitchen look clean and minimalistic should be your priority. This way, sorting your essentials such as your where you put your spoons, forks, and spices become a breeze. What are you waiting for? Venture forth and become enlightened


Angled Spice Rack Insert

This may come as a surprise considering that most spice racks on the market are an eyesore. The fact that these racks have to take up space on your kitchen counter makes getting one counter-intuitive. Angled spice rack inserts, however, are a completely different story. These wonderful examples of innovation makes it so that you can have a beautifully arranged spice rack in the form of your kitchen drawer! The way that it’s angled makes it so that you can read the labels easily and sort them accordingly.


Magazine Filing Box

Yes, you read that right. Magazine filing boxes can be used in conjunction with your kitchen drawers. This is especially useful when you’re trying to store oddly-shaped large items. Just stick the box on the backside of the door of your cabinet and make sure it’s secure and voila! You have more space to store oddly shaped items in!


Makeshift Utensil Holder

Having your utensils scattered all about your kitchen can be dreadful. Having a canister to put them in isn’t a useful alternative either considering that it’d still be a jumbled up mess of different sorts of utensils. So what is something you can do to help with this? Create a makeshift utensil holder! 

This may seem like an intimidating task, but it’s quite easy to do. First, buy stainless steel crocks online or at your local pet shop. Then integrate them into a kitchen drawer of your choice. Then, fit these crocks on circular slots on a piece of plywood large enough to fit your cabinet or kitchen drawer. Secure the plywood, and then all that’s left to do is to sort your utensils as you’d like.


Drawer Partitions / Pull Out Drawer Tacks

Having to bend over to look for the right pan you’ll be needing in a mess of kitchen supplies can be a daunting task. Peering into the dimly lit crevasses of your drawer or cabinet may take up too much of your precious time. A quick fix to this is to add drawer partitions and pull out drawer tacks in your cabinet!

This way, you can slide the contents of your cabinet outside into the light where there’s more space to take the thing you need and where there’s more light.


Tray Divider

Create a bit more order in your kitchen cabinet or drawer by adding in tray dividers inside of them. This makes it so that there’s a separate slot for each one of your trays or kitchen utensils! This helps eliminate the clutter that happens when you have a huge amount of space to just shove in your utensils.


Secret Cabinet

If you want to squeeze in a little bit more space in your kitchen cabinet’s design, then you can create a little hidden or tiny cabinet somewhere that wouldn’t dangle out obtrusively. An example would be that you can fit a narrow cabinet on the end of your kitchen cabinet where you can adjust things such as keys and even make a little message board. This secret cabinet can spice up your kitchen and makes it more arranged.


Technology And You

We live in a modern age where recipes can be looked up online with a simple and quick search on Google. Having adjustable media holders can be a lifesaver, especially when you’re watching something while cooking.