kitchen ideas

Our home will always be an essential part of our lives. We share it with the most important people, and it is where we make memories with them. Each part of our home play different roles. We have our living room for entertainment, bedroom for relaxation, bathroom for comfort and kitchen for our nourishment. All parts of our home are equally important. We have to make sure that everything is well-designed, all corners are functional while at the same time space is soothing to our eyes.

As for our kitchens, it can be inspiring to have a very efficient design accentuated by beautiful aesthetics. It is where we prepare our meals for ourselves and our family to nourish our bodies. We have to make sure that the place is conducive for cooking and it is clean enough during the preparation.

The dining area must also be a comfortable place because this is where you can share the meal you prepared for your family. It is during these meals that revelations can take place, or heartwarming conversations are shared.

To help you envision the kitchen that you will have, we have compiled these seven modern kitchen ideas that you can take inspiration from.


  1.    Simple White

White gives you the aura of cleanliness. And while it might require you to clean your kitchen more often, it doesn’t overpower the feeling of sanitation it brings.

White also echoes simplicity. You have to accentuate it with a few colors to make it more eye appealing. The wooden counter stools are also a perfect match to the all-white countertop. Just make it white and pure.


  1.    Open Shelves

Most kitchens before having wall cabinets so you can store all the kitchen stuff you won’t need to use every day. Well, it’s time to ditch those wall cabinets and try open shelving.

It will give your kitchen a more modern feel and will provide easier access when you need them. You can use a clean and unfinished wood and add a matte black accent for a more modern feel.


  1.    Sexy Black

If white is for purity, black is for modernity. A black kitchen can be very sleek and modern looking. Don’t overdo it though and make it all black because it might take away the homey feel.

You can combine it with lightwood to make it feel softer. As you can see, the combination of black and light wood is a perfect clean up. It’s soothing to your eyes while being modern at the same time.


  1.    Gray Kitchen

It’s just a total eye candy when you see this gray kitchen. With a combination of white accent, this gray kitchen is a complete statement. Done are the days when gray is considered dull.

With this modern kitchen idea, gray proves to be a relaxed and calming color. It also shows minimalism and is a perfect blend with a geometric backsplash. You also have to choose the right lighting so it will match your colors well.


  1.    Color-Full Kitchen

White makes the kitchen clean and neat. But having an all-white kitchen can make it dull, so you have to accentuate it with colorful kitchen tools. If you have the creative juices to place all the colors in the right places, it will surely be a perfect fit for you all white interior. Even adding a colorful fridge will be a good idea.


  1.    Industrial Kitchen

Don’t get turned off with the word industrial. As you can see, this industrial kitchen can actually be very inviting.

With a dominating color of gray and black, a vase of flowers will lighten up the area. It also has its stainless-steel backsplash that can help you take care of oil splatters with ease.


  1.    Rustic and Modern

The combination of these two elements will surely make your kitchen your most favorite part of the house. With modern tabletop combined with rustic lights, your kitchen will surely be one other would die to have.


Are you ready to change the way your kitchen looks? Share your thoughts and process now!