With the right spacing, a kitchen island becomes one of the most important aspects of the kitchen. They provide a focal point to your kitchen and make it more oriented and functional. Aside from the extra counter space for food prepping or socializing, a kitchen island is just an enigmatic part of the kitchen that becomes the heart of it.

Below, we’ll be listing down five kitchen island designs you should consider if you’re planning on getting one or renovating an old one.


Black Is Back

Some may say that black has been losing out on popularity in the past few years. This might be true, but black and its ability to heighten the aura of the entire kitchen without standing out will always have its spot.

A simple black-based kitchen island with a clear white, gray, or marble countertop will always be a safe and simple pick for those who don’t want anything to stand out. Don’t forget to add other black accents and elements to the rest of the kitchen to match.


Industrial Kitchen Island

An industrial kitchen island can look like many things. It can be a simple stainless steel countertop with storage space below, or it can be a kitchen cart where you’ll be storing appliances you may frequently use but not as much as the rest of the appliances in your kitchen.


Make It Marble

If wood or tiles don’t cut it out for you, marble is one of the best options for kitchen islands. The marble can simply be a countertop, or you can also use marble for the entire kitchen island itself.

Carrara, Calacatta, and Statuario are some of the better options for marbles out there, but Crema Marfil is also a great alternative.


Functionality First

Although a fully solid countertop from bottom to top is tempting because it’s what we see most of nowadays, this shouldn’t always be the case. If you’re going for practicality, an open-space kitchen island is a good idea for quick accessibility. A kitchen island with wheels may also be something you’d want to consider for convenience.

Whatever design you’re going for, always make sure to consider what you’ll be using the kitchen island mostly for and who will be using it. Design is important, but that doesn’t mean you should forego functionality when there are options like open-space kitchen islands or movable ones.


Table and Island Hybrid

There are a lot of kitchen islands with countertops that are too much for you. You may not need to take up the entire island space in your kitchen and place an unnecessarily large kitchen island countertop. Some new designs have incorporated their dinner table in their kitchen island and combining the two together. 

Most of these designs only have one solid block of marble or whatever material they want to use for the countertop and table. This creative design gets around the loophole of having two different pieces in the middle of the kitchen. Incorporate clutter-free cabinets with leg space and a couple of chairs, and you’re good to go.


L-Shaped, T-Shaped, or U-Shaped Kitchen Islands

Although most kitchen islands are just a single block, this might not be the design that fits perfectly for your kitchen. Sometimes an L-shaped kitchen island may be better in terms of functionality.

A T-shaped kitchen island will be able to make use of extra space in the kitchen. For example, a T-shaped kitchen island may have seats on the long block that chairs can occupy, while the shorter block can be where you place all your small appliances or other kitchen items.


Brave and Bold

A kitchen island can be anything you want. It will bring attention to the center of the room and put emphasis on the heart of the kitchen. Sure, you may be inching towards trying to make it fit in with the rest of the kitchen’s theme but placing an odd-shaped, and vibrant colored kitchen island in a room that’s only painted white and gray can sometimes work.


Whatever design you’re considering, don’t be afraid to pick the one that’s closest to your heart. You can also consider combining several of the designs above or choosing not to choose any of them. Just make sure to consider functionality and use.