We’ve compiled some of the best tried and true methods experts use to organize kitchen cabinets. If you need efficiency for your kitchen to be complete, you’ve come to the right place!


Why is Having Organized Cabinets Crucial?

Having well-ordered cabinets is key when it comes to ensuring that you know exactly where everything is in your kitchen. It also cuts down on prep time, cooking, and overall serving meals to you and your loved ones!

Having a well-organized kitchen also means that you don’t have to worry about running out of ingredients since you’re always aware of the current state of your ingredients.


Sort Your Cabinets Based on Frequency of Use

Aside from making sure that your most frequently used ingredients and items are easy to reach, ensuring that all of the important tools are in one place can double your kitchen’s efficiency. Consider putting spices and other items that you use every time you’re in the kitchen so you don’t have to reach into different places every time you cook a meal.


Hide Items You Rarely Use

Like how you have to ensure useful items, conversely, you have to stash items that you rarely use in the highest sections of your cabinets. This leaves room in the mid-sections of your cabinet for more useful tools that deserve the spot more. You don’t necessarily harm your efficiency by putting them in harder-to-reach places since you won’t be using these ingredients or tools daily in the first place.


Don’t Be Afraid To Get Crafty

A lot of people are afraid to customize cabinets and get creative for fear of breaking something and rendering it unusable. Rework your shelving to suit your needs in the kitchen—that way, working around the room will feel seamless and incredibly comfortable in the long run.

What’s the point of sticking to the norm if it isn’t your style? Get creative!


Sorting By Size

Investing a cabinet or two solely for some of your larger kitchen equipment and cookware can make them easier to locate. A tall cabinet is the best option for storing large items, but you also have to ensure enough depth between the shelves to fit both your hands inside. Having that space is crucial, so you’re able to properly grip and carry these items out when you finally need to use them.

The heavier items should always be placed in sections of the shelves that can be reached without having to go on your tiptoes or fully bending down. Somewhere in the lower middle is perfect.


Use The Whole Cabinet

A lot of people don’t think about using the back of the cabinet doors when arranging their condiments or ingredients. If the cabinet door is sturdy enough, installing a rack can be incredibly useful, especially if you have limited storage space. This also provides better utility since you can look for the condiment or spices you need at a glance.


Stack Them Up

For the most part, you want to try your best to group your kitchen equipment into each individual shelf. This isn’t just to appeal to aesthetics, and it also makes things less cluttered and easier to find. Another addition to this rule is to stack up things such as bowls, plates, and even glasses to maximize storage efficiency.


Arranging your cabinets and shelves is the key to increasing your kitchen’s storage and work efficiency. Apply these tips and make the most out of your kitchen today!