Small kitchen spaces don’t have to have an all-white wall, fixture, and even cabinets to make them look bigger. You can also use colors to style awkwardly designed spaces or tiny kitchens. 

Before doing anything, make sure first to limit your colors to two or three shades. Use one vibrant color as an accent to keep it looking clutter-free. 


Pale Colors

Using pale colors is one of the best colors to open up a narrow space. The pale color reflects and diffuses natural light. Some colors you’d want to include yellow and grey undertones or red to purple undertones. You can also use soft teal, sky or pale blue, and warm white. 

You can paint your cabinet and storage pale pink or terracotta tones. However, to open up a space or add an accent, you can paint a wall or walls pale pink! Pale pink is another great option because it’s versatile and can expand a space.


Metallic and Reflective Surfaces

You can use metallic surfaces on the kitchen backsplash or cabinets and save on paintwork! Metallics and mirrored finishes can make your space look bigger and roomier. The aluminum sheets can also be your best friend in creating reflective surfaces. There are large sheets that you can use on your backsplash or even on accent corners in your kitchen. 

High gloss finishes or glass or polished metal furniture can do the trick. It’s a great way to introduce reflective space or elements in your kitchen to make it look bigger. 


Yellow, Not So Mellow

Yellow can be overwhelming at first. However, yellow is the best choice if you want to add something bold to your kitchen but still want to open up your small space. Add this to an accent wall, kitchen cabinets, and countertop! 

Also, a pale yellow can do the trick if you want a bright, open space but use something pale. Any yellow shade can lift an interior and add crispness and freshness to the area. 


Dark Colors

If you’re not into light or cheerful colors, bold colors can also be an option. Large spaces with solid colors can be dangerous; however, dark colors in a small space or kitchen can help expand your space. 

Specifically, in a room, dark colors absorb light. These colors can blur the line between walls, so the space appears larger rather than more cramped, as some may fear.


Warm Whites

To add an airy feel to your space, you can also use warm or more relaxed off-whites in your area. It can make your small kitchen look spacious because these shades can bring in more warmth. 

To expand your space visually, paint your ceiling and walls with the same warm white. Another option is to use the same warm colors in cabinets or your kitchen island to elongate your space. 


Go, Green

Going green is a massive trend for small kitchens, from pale mint and sage greens to dark emeralds and teals. This has been popular because it brings the outdoors to your indoor space. As a result, kitchen owners share a more calming and relaxing kitchen space that brings a fresh feeling. 

Compact spaces feel fresh, open, and vibrant when they are green. It doesn’t overpower your space; instead, it soothes your area. 


Calming Blue

Shades of blue, from sky blue to turquoise, can also make a space feel more prominent because it has a recessive element. This means it draws our eyes outward, creating a feeling of having a bigger space. 

It’s a safe color and, in a kitchen, blue can also calm a busy space. You can go for a blue ceiling for cabinets, or you can paint your kitchen cabinets blue and complement them with wood elements on your countertop or stools. 


Regardless of your color choice, choose the colors and elements that represent your personality and your home’s overall design, too!