small kitchen renovation

Your kitchen is one of the most important and used rooms in your home. It’s where you prepare your meals, gather friends and family, and even share kitchen lessons with your kids. It’s a space where function, comfort, and style should have a balance. So the best way to achieve this is to have a kitchen design that works not only for you but also for the people around you. 

If you are planning to add more personality to your kitchen, check out these renovation tips:


Add More Greens

Do you have indoor plants? Are you planning to inject plants into your interior design? If you’ve answered yes to either of these questions then feel free to add plants in your kitchen. Technically, this isn’t a step to renovating your kitchen but it’s a small step to doing some changes. 

Regardless if you have a small or large kitchen, adding plants is also great if you’re still testing the waters for a bigger renovation project. 


Start Small with Wallpapers

You don’t have to go big when it comes to redecorating your kitchen or even other rooms in your home. Sometimes, all it takes is to change your wallpaper to change the mood of any room.

When it comes to your kitchen, you can play with a lot of colors and designs and even add a pop of color to your cabinets. One of the reasons why we love wallpapers is that it’s nothing permanent. You can use peel-and-stick wallpapers to add patterns, or you can also bring it bright colors. Wallpapers are really one of the best options for people who are still figuring out the interiors. Get samples to put against the wall and find your design preference. 


Let There Be Light

Can we all agree that light changes everything? And this is the reason why we love to play with lights and lighting fixtures. This is another simple and useful renovation project that you can do in your kitchen. You can add task lighting, especially if you have a small kitchen. You can add scones near your sink or countertop to brighten up your space. 

However, if you have a fairly large kitchen, you can also go for statement lighting. You can even choose to use metals and colors in your statement lighting.


Update Your Backsplash

If you want to add color, consistency, or contrast to your kitchen, consider updating your backsplash. It’s another small step you can do in your kitchen that you can DIY with your family. You can choose a contrasting color to add depth to your interior and you can also consider mirrored tile backsplash to help open up your small kitchen.

Don’t limit yourself to a small backsplash. You can expand it and include an entire kitchen wall or you can also cover small areas across your cabinets and countertops. It’s versatile and easy to do, especially if you want to make some small changes in your kitchen. 


Accent Wall

If you’re ready to go big, you can start by painting an accent wall in your kitchen. We recommend that you paint the wall with a bright or pastel color to open up your space for small spaces. 

You can also commit to adding a neutral color to your kitchen accent wall especially if you prefer to go dark with your cabinets and other furniture. On the other hand, if you want to go dark and bold, then go for it.


Change Your Tiles

If you’ve had your accent wall for some time now, the next thing you can change in your kitchen is your tiles. You can add patterns or colors as a focal point in your kitchen. Not only that, you can also choose to use wooden tiles or neutral-colored tiles if you already have a playful interior. 

Make sure to do your estimates, budget, and consult the experts if you are changing the tiles yourself.


Are you ready to renovate your kitchen? If so, share what you’d like to do or if you have any other suggestions, we’d love to hear them!