Scissors are mainly used for cutting papers and other stuff around the house. But did you know that a certain type of scissors can also be used in your kitchen? If you go to your kitchen now, will you be able to find a pair of kitchen shears? If that’s a yes, then good for you. If that’s a no, then it’s time to buy one.

We just hope, that your home scissors are not doubling as your kitchen scissors, too. We all know how unsanitary this can be for your home and kitchen. This can result in cross-contamination.

If you’re not yet convinced that you need a kitchen shear, we’re here to explain why you should. Kitchen shears are not used to just cut meat; it has other functions too. What are these? Keep on reading!


  1. It breaks down the food that is already in the pan

Yes, you can do some chopping when you are preparing food. But how can you do it when the food is already on the pan? The answer: Kitchen Shears.

We’d like to further break down your ingredients into pieces when cooking. But the hot frying pan poses a challenging hindrance to this. So instead of taking out what it is that you want to cut and cutting it on the chopping board, kitchen sears are the easy way to do it.

This way, you save time on multiple levels – faster cooking due to the smaller size of the ingredients and faster chopping because you don’t need to bring the food out of the pan.


  1. It can open stubborn jars

Even been caught in a situation where you can’t open a jar? We know what you feel, and boy, how frustrating it can be.

Kitchen shears usually come with two metal-teeth grippers inside their handles. You can use it to open those stubborn jars or twist bottles. You just have to latch the teeth firmly on both sides, then turn it with force. Viola! You’ve got yourself an open jar. This technique works for smaller lid jars, but it can work for full-sized jars as well.


  1. Cracking nuts and shells

Are you a fan of eating nuts? Then all the more reason to buy a kitchen shear. The metal teeth on its handle are also perfect for cracking shells and nutcrackers.

Having a kitchen shear to do the job for you is just safer and more convenient. There’s no need to get your hands dirty because you won’t be doing it manually by yourself. You open your nuts with less force and less hassle with the kitchen shear. So why waste your energy on cracking when you can refocus it on enjoying them?


  1. Opening beer bottles and soda

You can have more than one bottle opener for beers and soda in your kitchen, but where’s the harm?

 Some kitchen shears have bottle or soda openers built into their handle or blades. This provides you with a perfect alternative if your bottle opener goes missing or you forget to bring one for a camping trip.


  1. It comes in handy for a camping trip

And we don’t mean just camping trips, but any outdoor activity where it can be useful. With the multitools you have in a kitchen shear and its multifunctionality, you can definitely do a lot with what you think is just a pair of scissors.


Kitchen shears are one of the most underrated tools in the kitchen. Many of us think that a regular scissor can serve as its replacement, but as you can see, kitchen sears have more uses than we expected them to have.

 A good pair of kitchen shears can be bought for under $20. That is just an affordable investment for something that can do so much.