avoid these kitchen mistakes

You do a lot of things in your kitchen. May it be making meals, washing dishes, or simply cleaning and storing items that you’ll be using in the kitchen in the future. Your kitchen also has to deal with many activities such as burnt liquid on the stove, grime on the kitchen counters, and even just scrubbing off the grease and food that stick on your kitchenware.

If you’re planning on keeping your kitchen for a long time without looking like a mess or breaking down entirely, you have to respect it. With that being said, some things in the kitchen should be considered a sin that you probably do!

Here are a few things that you should avoid when you’re working in the kitchen:


Lack Of Knife Care

The lack of knife care is a thing that a lot of people fall victim to. Knives are one of the essential arsenals that you have in your kitchen. These sturdy yet delicate tools should be adequately taken care of lest you want it to become dull or break.

Avoid using your knives to cut anything that you aren’t going to eat! That means don’t use them to open boxes or packages cause that may damage the blade. Avoid cutting food on surfaces that aren’t your cutting board, either. Cutting on marble or tiles can chip the blade and leave you with a knife that cuts unevenly.

Take care of your knife and it’ll take care of you and your food.


Paper Towel Usage

I’d say that when most people reach for the paper towels, it’s to clean up some mess that they’ve created. However, that’s just an incredibly wasteful way to use your paper towels.

Why use paper towels when you could easily clean up the mess with a handy cloth hand towel instead? Using hand towels not only reduce your carbon footprint and waste, but it also makes cleaning messes a lot easier. They have a lot more traction, which makes scrubbing a lot easier, and when it’s too dirty, you can throw it in the washing machine.


Not Cleaning Your Sink Often

If you’re reading this, you’re probably a part of most people who clean their sinks once or twice a week. Although the preferred minimum is once a week, that’s not enough when you consider that your sink is probably on par with your toilet bowl’s dirtiness.

Washing your sink daily or every after washing dishes is the only way to ensure that your sink is clean. Use soap and water to scrub your entire sink thoroughly, and if you have drain catchers, make sure to disinfect those as well. Make sure you don’t miss the corners as that is where food gets stuck. 

If you want to make sure your sink is entirely clean, pour down some bleach and warm water down the drain.


Forgetting About The Oven Thermometer

Your oven can be unpredictable. The temperature said on the knob of your oven may not be the correct interior temperature that it’s emitting. This makes cooking your food to the proper temperature. Apart from that, pulling it out of the oven at the right time is made even more difficult.

This is why you shouldn’t sleep on how useful the oven thermometer is. That way, you know how hot it is in there.


Keeping That Icky Sponge

You know which sponge I’m talking about. That brown torn up mess of a sponge should be thrown away immediately! If your sink is the dirtiest area in your house, the sponge is the dirtiest tool. Invest in a dish brush or replace your sponge every few weeks or so.