Your kitchen is one of the most used areas in your house. Whether cooking a full course meal or just microwaving something, a home-cooked meal will always taste a hundred times better when you make it in a well-organized kitchen.

Designing a kitchen isn’t all about aesthetics; it’s also about taking into account the practicality of your design. One awful design or placement can lead to loads of different problems in the future. Here are a few common kitchen design mistakes and how you can fix them.


Forced Island Placement

Having a huge island in the middle of your kitchen will wow any visitors that come to your home. However, the cruel reality is that not all homes can fit an island in their kitchen. Forcing an island in your kitchen may work, but it just doesn’t make sense circulation-wise.

Forced island placement will only lead to more issues in the future regarding space and functionality. Find an alternative design that works for your kitchen that maximizes your space while leaving you with room to work without any issues. A peninsula is a great alternative if you want to have a centerpiece while also maximizing the flow of your kitchen.


Cluttered Counters

Behind every exquisite dish is an array of utensils and appliances used to create it. No matter how many appliances and gadgets you own, placing them on your countertop will always make it look messy and disorganized. Having a line of them on your counter ruins the aesthetic and makes the flow of work around the kitchen a lot worse.

Instead of placing your appliances on your countertop and making it look like a cluttered mess, try stowing them away in a cabinet or shelf when not using them. Doing this makes your kitchen look a lot cleaner and allows you to work around your counters comfortably.


Having Ultra-Deep Cabinets

One of the biggest and most common kitchen design mistakes that yours probably has is having super deep cabinets. Having a lot of storage is great, but cabinets that are too deep appliances placed at the back of deep cabinets often collect dust and decay over time. You don’t have to get a new cabinet to fix this issue; try making the best out of it.

Order a roll-out tray and place it in your deep cabinets to make things easier to access from behind it. This also discourages the collection of dust and webs at the back of your cupboards.


Tunnel Visioning On One Type Of Metal

Stainless steel seems to be the trend for most modern kitchens. With a minimalist look that outshines most metals, we’re not surprised that most kitchen appliances are made out of this material. However, you shouldn’t limit yourself to just one type of metal for your kitchen appliances.

Mixing metals is perfectly fine and can actually create interesting combinations for your kitchen’s aesthetic. Try giving brass a try, as it works well as reinforcement for finishes on your vent’s hood or range.


Ignoring Functionality For Aesthetics

The devil is in the details when it comes to designing your kitchen. People are often too wrapped up in the big design choices that they forget about the functionality and flow of their kitchens.

One of the most important yet often overlooked features that you have to think about when designing your kitchen is outlet placement. If you’re planning on using a lot of appliances, having the right number of outlets in the right places can make or break how your kitchen functions as a whole.


Designing your kitchen is a tedious yet exciting task to do as a homeowner. If you want to make your kitchen look and feel good, try keeping these design mistakes in mind when planning it out.