The pandemic’s recent changes have had homeowners spending more time at home, especially in their kitchens. People are ordering food less to avoid contact, and because of this, they’re cooking more food in their kitchens. 

Aside from the given importance of appliances and layouts, the beauty aspect of your kitchen should also be paid attention to. In this blog, we’ll take a look at five creative ways you can do to accessorize your kitchen.


Match Your Aesthetic

Whatever it is you’re trying to go for in your kitchen’s design, be it modern, coastal, farmhouse, french country, or something else, your aesthetic should almost always be consistent throughout the kitchen. A classic kitchen style is usually white, or cream and the same can be said for its cabinets, cupboards, and shelves. 

To add an accent to this kitchen, you may want to have accessories with colors that contrast white. Something like a brown set of utensil cases or vases are good as minor accessories, but a dark-colored hanging pendant light will also do great. 

For a coastal design, blue, beige, seafoam green, and white are several colors that match great with your aesthetic. Backsplash tiles and beach themed items like a conch shell-shaped salt and pepper shaker or a starfish with a hook for hanging pans might work well.


Think About The Little Things

Dish towels, your liquid soap dispenser, that picture frame you don’t look at; they all matter. It should be a conscious effort to make sure that even the little things are as stylish and well kept as possible.

You can start with your dry ingredients like coffee beans, nuts, sugar, salt, and other often-used ingredients kept outside. You can buy matching jars that fit the theme of your kitchen, and you can lay them out on a single file on one of your shelves. Get yourself a rustic basket for your recipe books, buy that coffee table book you’ve wanted to, just fill in the details and you’re bound to get a better-looking kitchen by the end of the process.


Same Feathers Flock Together

Small accessories are essential for making sure that your kitchen doesn’t look bare. However, it doesn’t mean that you can fill your entire kitchen with small accessories, most of which you won’t be needing.

Group things together, but don’t cluster them. Pick only 3-5 items that you feel can complement each other and look for a perfect place to put them. Your kitchen sink, for example, can have that one indoor plant with a bowl of lemons or apple and a scented candle. Your kitchen dining table can also have salt and pepper shakers alongside your kitchen candles if you’re into that kind of thing.


Combine Textures

The reason why some kitchens look flat despite having a lot of things being placed in them is likely because they aren’t placed in the right area. Contrast is very important to bring out the colors and highlight some of your accessories, no matter how small or large they are.

Don’t keep the same colors together because no one will notice your cute potholder if it’s hung on the only white wall in the entire kitchen. Instead, opt to hang your pots and pans there because the often dark texture of the pans will make both the white and the black pop out.


Layered Lighting

The last and probably most underrated way to accessorize your kitchen doesn’t have to do with accessories. Layered lighting will help highlight certain parts of the kitchen and provide ambient lighting. Don’t be afraid to use dramatic pendant lights or a cute chandelier to spice up your kitchen.



Overall, accessorizing your kitchen might seem like a hassle, but don’t let it get through you. Your efforts in finding the pieces that match and scouring the internet to look for that one perfect piece of furniture to cap things off will pay off in the end.