Dinner plates are essential in every meal. We don’t pay attention to the colors, shapes, or designs as long as it can hold our meals. However, our plates don’t have to stay white and dull. There are a lot of options to jazz up your dishes, and we’re here to give some ideas. 

You can always add a new delightful experience to your meals fancy meal or even just your breakfast to add some inspiration for the day. 

Give Your Plates a Facelift

The holidays are coming, and one of the best small kitchen solutions is to add more color to your old kitchen items. No need to add more to the clutter and even though we know that you’re looking into decorating your kitchen for the holiday festivities. Some may say it’s too early, but why not get started now by revamping your cookie plates? 

Start by looking for the white plates at the back of your cabinets. Get some sharpie or acrylic paint to get started on your DIY project. 

Decorate the plates with famous Christmas lines or items, like snowflakes and Santa Clause. Bring the Christmas spirit to every meal with this unique and affordable DIY play project. 


Shape it Up

Let’s face it, the smell and the presentation of the meals affect our expectations of its taste. Tableware to present your meals, especially if you love having people over, is as important as the dishes on it. 

So if you want to give your home-cooked meals more attention and distract people from noticing your small space, check out these designing that can help every small kitchen solutions. 

  • Triangular Plates – these are odd shapes, and if you get to see some, we suggest to buy a few. A triangular plate is a great shape to balance complementary food with various sizes. Triangular plates can either have sharp edges or angular. Nonetheless, regardless of what you choose, a triangular plate provides a modern feel and fits for casual dining. 
  • Square Plates – this also an excellent shape for modern dining. It compliments a lot of dishes for meals at home. However, some of these are heavier than the round or triangular plates, so we recommend having regular plates at bay. 
  • Hexagon Plates – this shape is another stylish take on dinner plates. It’s a contemporary set that also has various colors and great for dinner parties. 


Pop of Color

Dinner plate colors play an essential role in the way people look at the dishes you serve. Colors also play an important role in providing small kitchen solutions. If you love having people around for dinners or parties, we recommend getting different plate colors to compliment the meals you serve. 

Here are some of the things to consider when using colored plates:

  • Salads and Pesto Pasta – these are best served on yellow plates. Green and yellow are warm colors and are set beside each other on the color wheel. On the other hand, avoid serving green food on red plates. These are complementary colors, and the stark contrast can remove the feeling of freshness from the served food. 
  • Chicken, Potato, and Other Brown Food – these are best served on black or brown plates and serving dishes. Use colors to add a warm feeling on your guests before they indulge in the meal you prepared for them. 
  • Desserts – make sure to pick out a color that matches the garnish of the desserts. For example, if you’re serving a chocolate cake with a red cherry on top, then it’s best to serve it on a red plate. 


Shapes, colors, and prints on plates affect the way we perceive meals. With this in mind, it’s essential to consider getting dishes that compliment your kitchen and dining activities with friends and families. 

Entertain your guests with more than just the meals you prepare. Check out these awesome plate designs that you can use to give your meals and even kitchen something different.