touchless faucet

We think we can all agree that we’ve spent more time at home than ever before. Some of us did some gardening, others learned a new hobby, while some focused on baking and cooking. 

If you’re like us, you used your kitchen more than ever, and we’re sure that you’re also looking forward to giving it a new look this year. So, we’ve rounded up expert advice if you’re planning to update your kitchen for 2021. Let’s start!


Storage, storage, and storage

We can never go wrong with more storage space in our home, especially if you’ve bought many kitchen utensils and appliances in the past months. Cue in quarantine online shopping.

Where are we going to find additional storage? Check your freezer and pantries! Your pantry can accommodate small appliances, like air fryers and instant pots. You really don’t want to clump up your counter space with small appliances, especially if you’re cooking for your family. 

Add cabinet organizers, check out the larder cupboard, or you can simply clear out a new cabinet. As for your freezer, we suggest that you upgrade your current freezer with freezer and refrigerator drawers for long-term food storage. 


Specialty Ovens

If you haven’t bought small kitchen appliances, we’re sure that you’re already thinking of buying large ones, including specialty ovens. Specialty ovens provide more cooking solutions, such as the convection speed oven. You can broil, use it as a microwave, and bake using the same unit.

Functionally aside, upgrading your ovens also suggests that you’re becoming more aware of the food you prepare and eat. Gone are the days of preparing fried meals and, instead, go for steam cooking. 


Colors Can Do Magic

We’re going for warmer shades this 2021. If you’re looking to add bright and warm colors in your kitchen, go for warm beige and aqua or orange. These colors evoke comfort, just like the meals you’re preparing for friends and family. More importantly, these colors also create familiarity in your space. If you want to create a familiar space aside from your bedroom, go for these colors in your kitchen. If you’re too afraid to inject these colors in large amounts, you can choose to add organic accents and textures.

Organic style is also becoming a popular trend this year where you can add warm textures and natural materials. Think of indoor plants, wood-looking floors, energy-efficient fixtures, and hand weaved storage solutions and carpets. If you currently have a modern kitchen interior, just add a few natural pieces to create a softer kitchen interior. 


Touchless Faucets

Let’s face it, one of the easiest ways to update your kitchen is to add new technology in your space. One of these kitchen upgrades can be a touchless faucet, especially for washing hands more than ever. Proper and better hygiene at home is important. More than just sanitizing, we also need to ensure that we wash our hands regularly, especially when handling food. 

We strongly recommend this upgrade because it’s more hygienic and also helps you move around the kitchen faster. With just a swift of your hand or, for others, a simple voice command, you can easily wash your hand.


Outdoor to Indoor

We’ve been craving for the outdoors this past few months, and the best thing to do is to ensure that we bring in natural light in our home. Bring the outdoors to your kitchen by opening your windows or adding large windows in your space. You can also clear your view by ensuring that there is lesser obstruction from your front or back yard. 

For small windows and spaces, we recommend that you use organic or thin and light-colored curtains. This allows natural light to pass through your window, and it also helps make your space look bigger. 


Remember, function and comfort should always be your design goal, not only in your kitchen but also in your entire home!