2020 kitchen trends

Say goodbye to the mundane and plain-looking tiled kitchen of the past. 2020 is the year of change not only for you but also for your kitchen. Gone are the days where kitchens have the norm of having to be all white and black marble.

A kitchen shouldn’t be subjected to being that all safe white space that has to be minimal and pristine looking. The classic look of just plain white in the kitchen seems bland and is honestly dull. However, add some more color to that white palace and see it bloom and look beautiful.

Add color to your kitchen and make it your new comfort space. Cozy, stylish, and still relatively professional-looking is the outcome of what your dream kitchen will be after this guide!


Large Slab Backsplashes

Although the texture is essential when you’re looking for an excellent design to splash up your kitchen, the mosaic is overused and can really make your kitchen look busier than it should be. Mosaic is officially out of date and is only good in some instances. Slab backsplashes are where it’s currently at.

Using large slab backsplashes as an alternative to a busy looking mosaic can make your kitchen look a hundred times more minimalistic. Placing one behind the stove makes it look like a centerpiece to your kitchen. Bonus points if the slab is made out of stone since the irregularity in shape, height, and texture in some parts make it pleasing to look at.


Warm Toned Colors

Plain and neutral colors and impure waning whites, warmer tones in your kitchen will make you feel as if you’re inside a cabin. The comfy allure of warm colors, soft colored wallpapers, and the addition of houseplants make your kitchen feel cozy. Getting rose gold hardware makes the place look more welcoming as well.


Kitchen Wallpaper

Some people think that wallpaper and kitchens don’t mix well, but we beg to differ! Wallpapers make the place look vibrant and lively. You don’t always have to fully re-decorate your kitchen if it seems dull or monochromatic. Sometimes, wallpaper is all you need on the empty walls around your kitchen.

Placing wallpaper where backsplashes are usually seen is something that we want you to avoid. Instead, place them in areas like empty walls or near cabinets so that they don’t get ruined by smoke and grease.


Textured and Sculptured Tiles

When you think of a kitchen, it doesn’t usually scream texture. Often, you would think of a kitchen as a flat area where it’s monochromatic and cutthroat but that doesn’t always have to be the case. Tile manufacturers are getting creative and are manufacturing textured tiles with different patterns. And because they’re tiles, they’re still incredibly durable and are very easy to clean. 


Painted Ceilings

A lot of people don’t think about this, but adding color to the ceiling of your kitchen adds a lot of depth to the area as a whole. It can be anything from wood to just plain paint, to even wallpaper. The possibilities are honestly endless!

This is one of the easiest to implement since kitchen ceilings are mostly a literal blank canvas. Don’t be afraid to get creative by painting famous works on the top or just changing the color of the ceiling entirely.


Subjecting yourself to a monochromatic kitchen is boring especially if you have the time and resources to change it. With these tips, you’re not only guaranteed to have a better-looking kitchen in the end. You’re also giving yourself a favor by essentially creating warmer and cozier comfort space for you. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your kitchen and create the kitchen of your dreams!