kitchen island

We all would love to have extra space in every room in our homes, especially in the kitchen. You can get this extra space by having a kitchen island. The extra space is great, especially if you love to entertain and have people come over.

If you already have one and you want to update your kitchen island, then we got you covered. Here are our top 10 favorites, check this out.


Look at Old Pieces

You don’t have to look further to get a kitchen island or upgrade to a new one; look at your current pieces. Get yourself a rustic kitchen island from flea markets and thrift shops or check out your shed. A rustic kitchen island is an excellent addition in a neutral or all-white kitchen.

kitchen island design

Overlap with Tables

If you think updating or revamping your kitchen island will require a lot of work, then try adding some more spaces to it. Get a bistro table and overlap it your island; a great way to enhance your current kitchen layout. Don’t forget to choose your stool, too.


Paint It Red

Or something that’s a contrast to your interiors. Choose an intense color by experimenting on what contrasts but still balances your modern kitchen. Don’t be afraid to go bold and, if your contemporary pallet is dark, then don’t be afraid to paint your kitchen island lighter.


Update the Ceiling

When we talk about upgrading your kitchen island, it doesn’t always have to be just the island as it can also mean the ceiling. Add an eye-catching pendant on top of your kitchen island. You can also opt for lighting fixtures that can brighten your space.


Unique Base

A kitchen island doesn’t have to look stiff in the middle of your kitchen. You can choose a kitchen island with a different base or, more specifically, an open bottom. This is an excellent option for small kitchens as it opens up your floor and makes the room look bigger.


Add Makeshift Shelves

Updating your current kitchen island doesn’t always mean you have to remove or change it, it can also mean adding new items. One of the best items you can add is a movable makeshift shelve or a roll bar for extra storage space.


Tile It Up

Another great way to give your kitchen island a makeover is to use different materials. You can use dark paint on top and the first half of the sides of the island. Then, make it look like it’s floating by adding your floor tiles on the half of the slides of the kitchen island.


You Never Go Wrong with a Rug

Warm up your kitchen by adding a rug and framing your kitchen island. If your island is a table, then you can place it above your rug. However, if you have a built-in island, you can add rigs on the sides to frame it.


Curve It

Choose a curved kitchen island if your floor plan and budget permit it. It’s a great way to break the edge in your kitchen. You can choose a two-tier design to make it look like a stylish bar, which is a perfect space to entertain guests.


Add Little Things

You can start updating your kitchen island minimally. You can begin by adding a towel bar on the sides. Another small thing you can do is to add a chalkboard on one side to showcase today’s menu.


These are great tips to upgrade your kitchen island. From adding a towel bar to adding a curve kitchen island, choose what’s best for your floor plan and budget now.