open shelves kitchen

If you’re looking for a way to turn your kitchen from plain to classy, open shelving may be the missing link you’re looking for. Open shelving may seem like it takes up much-needed counter space but it’s reasonably efficient and incredibly classy! Minimalism can also be employed fairly easily if you’re stressing about ruining your minimalistic kitchen.

But actually putting up and finding ways to implement open shelving can be a daunting task. That’s why we’re here to help. With these ten ways to add open shelving in your kitchen, you’ll be sure to have a classy and cozy kitchen to call your own.


For a Dynamic Look

Open shelves aren’t just for plates and utensils to sit on; sometimes they make your kitchen elevate. Turning a plain boring kitchen to a dynamic looking and cozy one is easy with the implementation of open shelving. Especially if you have a rustic and textured kitchen that has a darker feel to it.

Placing the shelves in seemingly random areas and experimenting with the height and size of the shelves can make your kitchen look for more dynamic than having a set size and height in mind. Placing them on the wall near your stove and around your ventilator can give you a great aesthetic, though.


Making Walls Stand Out

If you want to complement the look of your walls and make them pop out along with the shelves, placing them in a darker, plain-looking wall can really make them look like the centerpiece of your kitchen. If your kitchen features a relatively dark palette, try to place your shelves on the plain-looking walls.


Backsplash Shelves

Cooking food can get a little hectic at some times, and having to look for ingredients in the drawers can be a hassle. But, with the implementation of open shelves in your backsplash, you can place the most essential ingredients and items near you while cooking.


Compact Designs

Sometimes open shelves can be incorporated into more compact designs. An example would be putting open shelves near or above the kitchen drawer and making them look connected by painting them the same color.


Taking Advantage of High Ceilings

By making the shelves pop out by adding poles that connect to the ceiling, it makes it look like it’s essentially floating. The feeling of it being attached to the ceiling instead of being mounted on the wall makes it look unique.


Capitalize on Structural Errors

Sometimes your kitchen can have a few anomalies that make it challenging to design. An example would be an irregularly placed window. With open shelves, however, you can work around that issue with no problems!


Make Your Kitchen Look Welcoming

If your kitchen looks cold and mechanical, adding a few wooden open shelves can brighten the place up by a lot! It makes it feel 100% more welcoming than leaving it as an industrial mess.


Floating Shelves

Installing a floating shelf is fairly easy. You don’t even need professional help most of the time and there are plenty of guides online. They not only look neat but they tie everything together in a smaller, more modern kitchen.


Small Walls? No Problem!

For areas in the kitchen where cabinets just don’t fit, you can easily use open shelves to work past that. Since open shelves are adjustable to your taste, you can have one crafted for that area especially.



To make open shelves look more elaborate, you can implement them into other units to make intricate designs. A quick example is adding doorless cabinets can make it look a lot more wholesome.