kitchen nook design

Now that everyone is staying at home, it’s not a secret that the kitchen is either the first or the second most popular spaces in your home. If you are planning to give it a facelift, you might as well consider upgrading the kitchen nook. Here are our top 10 suggestions on how you can do this:


  1. Move near the window

The window is one of the best backdrops for a kitchen nook, especially if you have large windows that can frame the area. The natural light coming in from the windows both in the day time and night time makes you feel closer to nature and what better way to start your day. 

  1. Try adding a loveseat

A loveseat in the kitchen because anything is possible, right? Add a loveseat in your kitchen nook and create a practical and inviting corner in your kitchen. You can also add a round table and two or three chairs to accommodate everyone in this area of the kitchen. 

  1. Add lines in your corner

One of the best ways to make a space look bigger is to add vertical lines in the corner. If you have a lamp, then bring it in your kitchen nook. Create a vertical space that looks taller and then add colorful cushions in your chair. 

  1. Make it kid-friendly

Now that the kids are at home make sure that you spend more time in the kitchen as well with a kitchen nook that’s also welcoming for them. You can hang their artworks on the walls, add more colorful accents like pillows and a rug, and even create a corner for them!

  1. Stick to white

It’s not a crime to love colors, and it’s also not a crime to love white. If you fancy giving your kitchen nook a facelift with neutral colors, then do it. Focus on adding more whites such as a white lamp, pillows with white covers, and even use your white kitchen tools to accessorize the space.

  1. Fame your nook

We suggested that you can frame your nook using large windows, but you can also do this with other furniture. Move your furniture around by creating a frame in your kitchen. Bring in your floor lamp, add a rug, and even bring some of your plants indoors!

  1. Add some greens

Speaking of plants, considering that most of us aren’t allowed to go out for now, then bring in the plants in your kitchen or, specifically, in your kitchen nook. You can also hang plants on the windows to create a seamless stream for your eyes as it moves indoors to outdoors. 

  1. Add wallpapers

Do you have wallpapers in your garage that you’ve wanted to use? If yes, then maybe today is the right time to give your kitchen nook’s wall a new face literally. 

  1. Keep it fresh

If you have a garden, then bring in some flowers! This is one of the simplest and free ways to add something different not only in your kitchen but also in the other rooms in your home. 

  1. Be resourceful

With the current situation, ordering items online or getting out of your home can be difficult, so why not use what you in your home now to transform your kitchen nook? Change your pillowcases and throw in some throw pillows, change the location of your nook, or even bring your corner table in to add more space!


Don’t forget to let the whole family join you in bringing something new to your home!