kitchen cleaning products

We all love easy kitchen cleaning tips and ideas because let’s face it, grimes, pests, and stains are always present in our kitchen. It’s even better if we get rid of the dirt by using all-natural cleaning products.

We’re highlighting going green when cleaning not only your kitchen but also your entire home because it has lesser health risks. Aside from this, all-natural cleaning materials also have a lower environmental impact; that’s hitting two birds with one stone!


Baking Soda and Lemon


It’s not a secret that baking soda and lemon are great agents for cleaning and deodorizing. You can use this all-natural mixture in the following areas:

  • Oven

Clean the grime and grease on your oven with baking soda and lemon. First, make a paste of the mixture and add water in it. Apply the paste at the bottom of your oven.

Make sure you don’t have any plans for baking when you clean your oven because you have to leave the past for hours. Once it’s dry, wipe it off, and your oven’s back to cooking!

  • Sink and Faucet

This is also an all-purpose cleaner which you can use to clean stains on your sink and facet. Before you start cleaning, make sure to have an old toothbrush and soft sponge with you.

First, clean your sink with water. Apply the paste on your sink and leave it for 20 minutes. Brush and rinse the stiff paste to remove the stains.


You can also use baking soda alone to rescue a burnt pot. Sprinkle baking soda on the surface and a few teaspoons of water on the area. Make sure to leave the pan overnight or within 12 hours to quickly wipe the burn off from the pot.


Plain White Vinegar


Vinegar isn’t just a condiment, it’s a great stainless cleaner, too. To make your stainless kitchen surface look brand new, spray plain white vinegar on the surface and wipe it with a soft sponge.

You can also use plain white vinegar as an all-natural dishwasher cleaner. Do this by placing two cups of vinegar on a bowl and then put the bow in a cycle. This will make your dishwasher look fresh, again.




Borax is an all-natural mineral which is often found in chemical-based cleaning items. However, when used on its own, borax is a safe cleaning agent.

Use borax to clean soap scum on bathroom floor or backsplash. Mix the mineral with water and apply the paste mixture on the surface. Once it’s dried, wipe the surface and rinse it thoroughly.

Clean your fridge with this mineral, too. Make a fridge cleaner by mixing 3 liters of water with one teaspoon of borax. Use the mixture to wipe on the inside surfaces of your fridge; make sure to reach the corners of the drawers and shelves, too.


Cream of Tartar


Cream of tartar is a natural byproduct of winemaking, and it’s great to use when cleaning coffee stains. Just apply the paste on pots or on your porcelain dishware to bring back the bright white color.

Leave the cream of tartar for a few minutes. Then, wipe the cream with a warm towel.


Give your kitchen and the environment some love by using these all-natural cleaning items now!