Kitchen windows are underrated parts of the kitchen that always get left unattended. There are many elements and potential designs that can make your kitchen windows look better than you expect them to. However, there are many factors like controlling privacy, regulating light, and incorporating a design that you have to take into account.

In this blog, we’ll be tackling what we think are the ten best kitchen window approaches you can take. We’ll cover a lot from curtains to blinds, and even window films.


  1. Curtains

If we’re talking about windows, we’ll have to first talk about the traditional way of adding character to them. The optimal curtains for kitchen windows are soft, neutral-colored, and just enough height to not touch the ground or a surface.

Curtains certainly add a lot of character while maintaining simplicity to a kitchen window, but it also comes with disadvantages. They tend to get messy, they absorb the smell, they can get wet, and they’ll also collect a lot of dust. Curtains work better in a kitchen environment that isn’t that active.


  1. Plantation Shutters

Despite many people believing that they’re out of style, we believe that plantation shutters are still very much relevant when it comes to providing privacy, light regulation, and character, which are essential to kitchen windows.

They’ve been around for hundreds of years, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that they’re still elegant and straightforward shutters!


  1. Zebra Roller Blinds

Zebra Roller Blinds are the modern substitute for the horizontal blind. They allow you to transition between completely covered windows, semi-private windows, and perfectly bare ones. 

What’s so great about Zebra Roller Blinds is that they come in all sorts of colors, and they allow you to adjust natural light levels by pulling the chain at the side. Zebra Roller Blinds provide more flexibility compared to regular Roller Shades.


  1. Corner Windows

Corner Windows provide twice the amount of light if applied correctly, but they won’t work for all places. When done right, they can be rewarding, but they can pose more of a challenge than regular windows for treatments, so your options will be limited to regular blinds, curtains, and other simple treatments.


  1. Layered Effect

Perfect for plain monochromatic kitchens, the layered effect is great at making sure your kitchen doesn’t look boring. You can use a couple of blinds, a couple of curtains, or a combination of both. It’s totally up to you, but a perfect example is the layered effect design of designer Teri Thomas that utilizes a valence and Roman shade in the same fabric.


  1. Rooflight Shades

If you have the budget and a decent location for roof lights, we suggest you give it a try. They’re a great boost to natural illumination in the kitchen, and you can get more sunlight out of them instead of windows that only get sunlight for a couple of hours.

Rooflights can also get blinds installed for them, so you can still choose when to have light or not. If you have the budget, shoot for those power-operated roller blinds that come in all sorts of colors and shades.


  1. Translucent Curtains

If the only purpose you want to have kitchen window treatments is for controlling the light, consider trying out translucent curtains. They’re often white, gray, or neutral-colored fitted to match the room’s color, and they’re often loose-weaved fabric like linen. To fully embrace the barely noticeable design, try to make sure your curtains only take up 1/4th of the space in your windows.


  1. Repurposed Bed Sheets

If you have the time, the basic sewing skills, and an iron, you can pull off the repurposed bed sheets look without that much of a hassle. You don’t have to be a master seamstress to make ruffled curtains out of bed sheets that can bring more character to your kitchen windows. Ergonomic, economic, and eccentric!


  1. Stencil Valance

With the right person and a couple of supplies, customizing your valance’s look with a stenciled monogram with any pattern you want is achievable. This way, you can feel like your kitchen window’s treatment is akin to your wanted designs.


  1. Leather Belt Tieback

Last but not least on this list is a fashion statement. Utilizing an old yet still solid-looking leather belt to tie back your curtains instead of other curtain holders. Solid, dark-colored belts together with a patterned curtain can make for an eclectic look!


Overall, we believe that there are limitless amounts of potential when it comes to being creative with your kitchen window treatments. There are many things you can do and a lot of materials you can utilize; it’s all just up to the patience and time you have in your hands.